If I am to believe all of the fashion magazines this summer, Sporty looks and Mesh are all the rage.  Perhaps that is why I was so drawn to this Mesh skirt and Mesh Bomber jacket by plus size superstar Calvin Klein.  While looking for something to wear to the Beyonce and Jay-Z On-the-Run Concert tour, I came across this wonderful set in white.  I loved it!  But, my sensibilities kicked in and I decided that white was not as practical as the black, so I purchased the black.  Although this is mesh, I can see myself wearing this all year round, even in the winter months with tights and boots as the skirt is lined.  I also plan to break this up to match with countless other clothing items.  And because this was purchased over the July 4th weekend at Macy's, with a WOW pass, this entire ensemble was under $100.  Not bad if I say so myself...

Note: Last I checked this jacket was on sale for $77, and the Skirt was $53 at with an additional 20% off and free shipping!  If you want it, go get it, and check it out in white.

Black Widow...


Except I'm not a widow.  Or a spider. But the name sounded cool, dangerous, badass. Hence the title.  Once again I reverted back to my trustee black voluminous top/dress over pants.  Look, I'm going through a phase that just so happens to have lasted a little over 20 years with the dress over pants thing, but I am slowly, but surely, moving past it.

I wore this to go brunching Sunday morning.  Since I had to catch a flight shortly after my brunch date, I decided to keep it basic and comfortable.  This oversized asymmetrical dress from Asos did the trick.  Atop my trusty, dusty DIY destroyed "boyfriend" jeans, I felt just as badass as I apparently looked, based on the stares of so many at the airport.  Lol!

Dress (worn as a tunic): Asos Curve, Jeans: DIY

Shoes: Topshop (old)

Saturday Chillin...


So these are not really "fashiony" pics. But this is me running errands and on my way to a sewing class.  I've decided that this blog will reflect all aspects of me, not just showcase my fabulousness, haha.  Who actually manages to look fabulous all the time?  If you do, share your secret.  Until then, sit back and relax...

On my way to a "Sew and Sip".  I tell you, people want to drink wine while doing EVERYTHING!
This is a t shirt dress from ASOS.  I swear, I am trying to dress in another silhouette!  But I keep returning to my tried and true dress over leggings.  Can you say, "style slump"?

Giving face as fiercely as anyone else could...

I often forget about these leggings.  And then I remember them and they come back out of hibernation.

PS. To "Anonymous" who told me to "just delete my blog if [I] wasn't going to post regularly". Thank you.  It put fire under my ass.

Lane Bryant, Torrid, Ashley Stewart... Did we turn our backs on them?


Sidenote: So I'm not going to address the elephant in the room, I know that you all know that I rarely blog...Such is life...LOL

Is it just me, or have almost all of the brick and mortar stores for plus-sized women closed their doors? I needed wanted something to wear to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, and decided to stop at the local Ashley Stewart to peruse their offerings.  In my travels, I discovered that all of my local stores (5 to be exact) have closed in the last few months.  What?!  Just when the fashion community is beginning to at least acknowledge the existence of plus size women, these retailers up and leave.  Now, I would be lying if I didn't admit that the majority of my wardrobe comes from online retailers like, Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Simply Be, etc.  But, I rarely, if ever, shop online at Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, or Torrid because they were always conveniently located near me.

With the plethora of online shopping options available to big girls, have we turned our backs on the ones that took care of us when no one else cared?  Do we owe Lane Bryant our loyalty because she has always been there?  Does Torrid not deserve the same recognition as Forever 21+; I mean Torrid was doing fast fashion for fat girls before anyone else.  And Ashley Stewart, while now gaining a mainstream plus-size following, truthfully begs to have her clothes tried on before purchase.  Ashley Stewart has always been a "try-on" store to me.  So do I turn to their online sites to make my purchases, grateful that they still even exist, even if almost exclusively on the World Wide Web? Or do I lament the limited shopping options that again plague the plus-size community?  I'm conflicted - while I appreciate the options that the internet offers, I still think that retailers are once again trying to push plus size women back into our proverbial "closets" by relegating our purchases to be made in secret, not alongside our straight sized sistren.  But maybe it's just me.  What do you think?  I welcome your opinion.

PS. Thank you for sticking with me through my hiatus(es).  I do appreciate you all.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram at @girlsofplenty.  I post a whole lot more over there.  I am going to do better.  Promise.
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