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Maintaining a semblance of self amidst a society that didn't always value women my size has always been top priority for me.  So my style is a cacophony of African-centrism, goth, classic, ultra-femme with no frills, preppy, classic, bourgie-broke wonderment.  There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the things that I wear as I refuse to commit to any one style label.  I am multi-faceted, hence the wardrobe attempts to be.  Some sideway stares are expected, some bumps along the road, but such is life, right?  Follow me as I attempt to integrate fashion into the intersecting worlds that comprise my life.  On top of that, watch as I complete this journey in the best city in the world, Washington, DC.


  1. This is cute, Nel and Cheeks. Can't wait to see more...

  2. Nell you look ravishing queen! You're eclectic taste in fashion is always a conversation piece, what a lovely way to share. -Mone'


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