Basics...What ALL Grown women need

When we were younger, we loved trendy clothing and "disposable" clothing was inexpensive and accessible.  But as "grown ass women" there are several items of clothing that NO woman should be without.  We both hate the assumptions that ALL women should wear something, but when you think about the following items, think of how incomplete your wardrobe would be without them.
Black Pencil Skirt: Such a simple concept; two pieces of fabric, two side seams. But this skirt possesses all the va-va-va voom that anyone can ask for.  And because the shape of this skirt is so straight, you have no choice but to give your sexiest strut while wearing this.

RED Lips: Anyone who dares to wear red lipstick is a force to be reckoned with.  Red lips mean business and are not for the faint of heart.  Put this on with jeans and a Hanes T-shirt and you are dressed. Nothing pulls together an outfit more.

Spanx Tights: Buy a pair of REAL tights.  Opaque, nice weaving,  and nearly impossible to rip/run makes  the $30+ price tag seem minimal.  When you wear these, it becomes almost impossible to wear the imitators again.  The selection of prints, designs, and even reversible (!) tights, only add to their appeal. Not to mention they are Spanx.

White Shirt: You need a white shirt. Well, several to be exact.  You need a ruffle/bow/sharp shoulder/tuxedo placket/trendy one; an oversized one to wear with jeans and leggings as a tunic; and a classic one when you want to dress things up a bit.  To keep your shirts gleaming, DO NOT take them to the dry cleaners.  Wash your white shirts in cold water with a non-chlorine bleach (Clorox 2). Doing so will ensure the preservation of your shirts and fend off yellowing. 

Black Leggings: We love all leggings, in all lengths and prints, but EVERY woman needs a pair of full length, black leggings.  If you want to ensure the leggings actually fit and have enough stretch to hold their shape, be prepared to spend a few extra dollars to get a good pair.

Jean Jacket:  Ruffles, studs, acid wash, peplums, etc. are all nice on jean jackets, but nothing can beat the functionality of one in a classic shape and wash.  Flip your collar and watch denim become appropriate for almost any occasion.

Spanx: There are other shapers out there, but we have not tried any that are effective as Spanx.  We love our curves, don't want to hide them, yada, yada, yada, but if you want certain items of clothing to fit properly, you must wear Spanx.  The line is so extensive, you can purchase any item to correct any fit issue.  A MUST!

Black Wide Leg Pants: How can any woman live without wide-leg pants?  Black slacks are a staple in any wardrobe, but a pair of black wide-leg pants should be in every woman's closet.  Pair them with a t-shirt, a sequin blouse, a blazer, or anything else you like.  They are that versatile.  We have an affinity for Lane Bryant Wide Leg Pants because they come in multiple colors, patterns, fabrics, sizes and lengths and they truly are well made pants, built to suit your size and shape specifically.

Thin Belts: A necessity if you want to switch up the look of your outfit.  Throw one over a cardigan, insert it through the loops on your dress, or wear it with a long tunic; the possibilities are endless.  And the availability of colors, skins, textures, and finishes make thin belts an easy choice to change an outfit's look.

 Wide Belts: Useful at defining a waist on clothing that would otherwise be big and shapeless.   Cinch your waist with one of these and show off the curves that may otherwise be hiding.

Iron/Steamer: Do people still iron their clothes anymore?  Nothing looks better than a freshly ironed/pressed cotton shirt, or a just steamed pair of slacks.  Not only do your clothes lay properly, you in turn look nice and neat.  We are ironers and almost never leave the house without making sure we look ironed and pressed.  

Alright, ladies, we gave you a list of what we thought are the basics that every woman should have.  Have we left anything out?  Let us know in the comments section...

Cheeks and Nel, Girls of Plenty


  1. Iam truly loving you guys new venture...Not every woman knows the basics and the must haves...Iam HAPPY for the 2 of you!!! GREAT JOB LADIES!!!!

    1. Right!! Good to hear from you. Follow us on this journey, please!

  2. Love this "basics primer". I have some shopping to do:)

    1. If you don't have these wardrobe staples, you're right! LOL


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