Closet Revamp: Don

The premise of a "Closet Revamp" is this: You constantly complain about not having anything to wear when you go out or go to work, so you depend on your tried and true outfit combinations week after week. You continue to buy, buy, buy, but you still have nothing to wear.  The Girls of Plenty step in and decide to "shop your closet" for clothing that you haven't worn or forgot about, mixing and matching with other things in your closet to create what is virtually a new wardrobe.

Don is a mother of a six-year old, and slated to be married next year.  She has fallen in the slump we all fall into sometimes.  Whenever she has plans to go somewhere, she yells, "I don't have anything to wear!" or she sprints to the mall hoping to find something in a pinch.  We know Don personally and we know that she shops ALL THE TIME, so there had to be something in her closet for her to wear.  Step into her closet and watch our work....

She is not happy about this...But change is a good thing. We decided hair and makeup was necessary to make this "Closet Revamp" complete.

In steps Jamila.  One of our best friends, and Facebeater!  The transformation has begun...

A smoky eye and a bright red lip. Perfect for Date Night and Girls Nite Out.  The center parted bob adds a little more vamp to the looks we have in store.
Outfit: For a casual night out, a film festival, Bookclub meeting.  Also great for a Movie Nite with the hubby-to-be, or for a club night...

Outfit: This ALL came from Don's closet! 

Outfit: Black Tube Maxi dress, Black Faux Leather Shrug, Peep-toe Booties

This Faux Leather Shrug makes this maxi dress a night out essential.  We also paired this with a jean jacket and combat boots for a weekend look, then a blazer to tone it down.  Layering a blouse over this Maxi Dress would also look cute.


Studded Clutch, Wire Bangle bracelets and Bead bracelets

Sequined sheer tunic, Black blazer with ruching

Jodphur leggings, Patent Leather flats

This sequined tunic is a holiday season leftover, but with the right pieces, it becomes seasonless.  A black boyfriend blazer, leggings, and flats is comfortable, yet still Hot!


A weekend, Mommy and me look. A sweater, jeans jacket, and denim jeggings with peep-toe leather pump
For a daytime look: Glen-plaid Wide Leg trousers, striped button up shirt, faux wrap cotton jersey blouse. Again, ALL from Don's closet!

 A daytime look with evening accents: Switch out the cotton shirt for a salmon colored top with dolman sleeves, a faux leather jacket in Mushroom, and add glitter flats.  By changing the top, you get a whole other look with these pants.

The sweater knit under the arm is genuis. It provides warmth while adding textual interest to this jacket

Wide Leg pants are a MUST for curvy girls.

Jamila had to change Don's makeup look up.  While either face looks stunning, she wanted a more natural look to go with the earth tones found in this color palette.  Gorgeous!

Cheeks is the queen of layering...

Face!  For Days...Side-swept bangs maintain the natural appeal of these earth tones ensembles.

 Jamila, making sure Don's hair is right

Don wore this dress once to a wedding a few years ago.  We paired it with something casual, but fly, to take it  into other realms of life.  We likey!

Boots, and Faux fur atop a chiffon halter-neck makes this wedding dress wearable everywhere.

What treasures are hiding in your closet?  Let Girls of Plenty help you find them....


  1. This is so Nice!!! Had so much fun....

    1. Thank you!!!! Without you, we wouldn't have had face. And that made the entire Closet Revamp.

    2. Omg..u guys made it happen..don looks amazing ...keep up the good work!

  2. GOOD STUFF. Yall did that....the stylist as well as the make up artist!!!! Yall can make MEEE over anyday. XOXO

  3. LOVELOVE LOVE the total gives women plenty of ideas for the hidden treasures n their closet.!!!

    1. Right?! And in these times of tight budgets, we need that.

  4. I love this blog...when are we going to host our first annual fashion show...Notice I said we I want to plan lonnie

  5. Awwww rite CoCo let's make it happen....It soooooo mUch fun!

  6. Really Luv these looks ladies!!! I'm inspired ;-) Don coming to get those accessories ma'am!!! Lol

  7. Love it,all women can look beautiful regardless of there color or size. You Rock!

  8. Oh this was a WONDERFUL post !!!!! I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that faux leather shrug....OMG.....I want one and that clutch.

    Also I AM DON.....I always say I have nothing to wear !!

    EXCELLENT pics of mixing and matching and putting things together.

  9. Thanks Char...We are always available for a Closet Revamp.

  10. wow! so cool..she has so many cool clothes...totally love the mix and match

    1. Right?! And she never even knew it. Cleaning your closet is always a great way to find little gems.


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