Maximum Coverage...

Am I the only person that feels sexier when I am completely covered? Of course, fitted clothes may look more "flattering" on me (whatever that means), but I absolutely love a long, flowing, prairie house dress moment.  Not a maxi dress, per se, because I am not that fond of them, but something that makes me stand out from the crowds of super-sexy women in tight, short clothing.
The Spouse hates when I wear long dresses that fail to glide against any of my curves, but strangely enough, I feel irresistible in this ensemble.

Spring temps seem like they may be here to stay for a while, but a summer 70 degrees is different than a winter 70 degrees. I patiently await Spring's official arrival, but in the meantime I topped this outfit with my trusty classic, Gap denim jacket.  

Cream blouse: Thrifted, Ruffled Maxi dress: Old Navy ($5.49!)

To all those that mistakenly thought I was a nun today, I say, "Bless You!"

Tan Oxford: Nine West
I really have to stop mean mugging/scowling/squinting in my pictures....


  1. My cousin is a major inspiration in my life she is so focused and her swag is almost stronger than mine...LOVE THIS CHICK!!

  2. Almost? Sean, you know my ish is on 1 million!!!!

  3. You own all of your looks. This one is great as well!!!!!


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