Minty Fresh...

Every blog, magazine, etc. extols the virtue of pastels as the "it" color in jeans, dresses, accessories, etc.  I want to believe it, but I have a strong resentment against anything that remotely resembles an Easter basket.  But this jacket is different. Not really "minty" per-se, but a washed down version of a pastel.  A hardened version, if you will.  Thrown over this chiffon dress, this twill, cargo anorak provides a balance.  A mash-up that makes me feel just right.

Jacket: Who knows? So long ago...

Dress: Nordstrom 

Shoes: Via Spiga (the entire platform is wood)

I stumbled across these Adinkra symbol pins foraging through Ebay. 9 pins total. One happy me.

Not for show! I am a Scrabble Club member.

Gold and Silver.

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  1. where do you find your clothes? you must gotta love shopping to put things together like you. I want to look nice but get frustrated with the way things fit on me and just give up. Being chunky and short is no fun :(


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