A Pink Friday...

Hot Pink Nails! Courtesy of Julie, Nail Technician at Ibiza Day Spa in DC
During my last manicure, I had my nails painted a gorgeous gray color. Perfect color for this transitional weather I suppose.  I love dark colors on my nails - Black, Navy, and my favorite color in the entire world being OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, a deep, dark eggplant color that only looks purple in the light.  But Julie has Spring fever, obviously.  She asked to pick my color and I told her sure, with no reservation.  The result is apparent in my nails.  First, they're pink!  I absolutely abhor pink.  Top that off, they're HOT pink.  Almost a Day-Glo color.  I wanted to cry.  "Now everyone will think I'm a girl", I thought to myself.  But there is obviously power in pink.  This nail color has changed me.  They have made me pine for Spring/Summer in DC.  After leaving the spa, I began to think of what these nails represent for me:

  • Rita's Water Ice - Alex's Lemonade mixed with Black Cherry, please
  • Carton Barron Ampitheatre Summer Concert Series
  • Fort Dupont Park Free Summer Concerts
  • SweetGreen Salads and Frozen Yogurt
  • Kramerbooks and Afterwords in Dupont Circle
  • Eastern Market on Sundays
  • Frozen Yo in Columbia Heights
  • Downtown Silver Spring's Water Sprinkle
  • The Tender Rib at the Open-Air Market
  • Cookouts at Don's house
  • Brooklyn Flea Market in New York
  • Patapsco Flea in Baltimore
  • Free Outdoor Movies - EVERYWHERE in DC
  • Mr. P's on Capitol Hill
  • Museums/National Zoo/Six Flags
  • McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and Sweet Tea
  • and free days all day....

Although this pink is definitely not a color I would have chosen for myself, my longing for spring and summer has finally arrived by way of a nail polish bottle. Amazing what a little color can do...

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  1. Um. your nails look fantastic!!!!! I have to check out this nail salon!


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