Things I fancy...

A nude peeptoe atop an Electric Orange wedge. Vince Camuto made my day with these and they were my size. And on sale. And perhaps the prettiest shoe (for me) I have seen this season. You know the kind of shoe that makes you want to rethink your entire wardrobe?  This is that shoe.  But then I tried them on and the vertiginous heights they took me to made me feel a little light-headed.  I love a high heel and never shy away from a high wedge even if I am 5'9".  But nausea causing shoes? Needless to say, they stayed in the store, and my wardrobe is again back to black.  Sigh...


  1. I so bought a pair of shoes that made me want to rethink my wardrobe in December. They are beige satin peep toes with a fat coral bow/strap thingie. I adore them and find it difficult to resist talking about how much whenever I wear them. And they were on sale, too! :)

    1. Is beige and coral a theme here? I can totally see you in a satin peep toe with a bow. So you...


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