Tribal Timelessness...

 Tribal prints and their trendiness have me conflicted.  Here's why.  First of all, I have been wearing "tribal" prints for over 20 years and have integrated them into my wardrobe and still managed to be fashionable (in my opinion), so to see so many people with them on disturbs me (I'm jealous).  To know that in a season or two, the existence of "tribal" prints will be as evasive as they previously were saddens me.  Although I don't want people to have access to the prints I love so dearly, having them everywhere makes it so easy to integrate a variety of African-inspired looks into my wardrobe.  All this to say that I love tribal prints.  Anything reminiscent of Africa, and I'm all over it.

Denim Biker Jacket: Lane Bryant (bought over 3 years ago), Black jersey wrap dress: Macy's (8 years ago!)

"Tribal" Print leggings: Etsy (Vamos Threads)

Boots: Faryl Robin

I love a jean jacket.  And what could be better than a short sleeve, denim, motorcycle jacket.  Sigh... When Lane Bryant is good, they're good. I love when I find hidden treasure like this at Lane Bryant.  It restores my faith in them.  

Africa shaped earrings

Dookie Bracelet: Nakimuli


  1. I didn't even realize Lane Bryant carries denim jackets (or did 3 years ago, for that matter)! I will have to reassess my view of that shop.


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