It Don't Matter if you Black or White...

My friend, Teriyana, was named Teacher of the Year at her school this year. Although she told me about the Gala celebrating her honor about 2 months before it actually happened, I still did not prepare for this event.  So if you are wondering, "What the hell does she have on?", trust me, I kinda felt the same way.  But, I was still confident and worked the hell out of this ensemble.  Besides, this event was not about me, and to fret over an outfit would have detracted from Teriyana's huge accomplishment.  But when I arrived, I felt even better as everyone had on the traditional ball gown, or short cocktail dress and strappy sandals.  I learned years ago to listen to myself when it comes to fashion choices and surprisingly, I never steer myself wrong. (That's a lie)
Tuxedo Jacket: One Stop Plus, Dress: Eloquii, Shoes: Nordstrom

This dress is from Eloquii, the Limited's plus size clothing line.  It was affordable, and extremely high quality.
And it fit my shape magically.  I bought this a couple of months ago and decided (at the last minute) that this gala would be a perfect opportunity to try it out.  I love it and look forward to wearing it many more times.

I love it when people see the magnificence of this jacket straight on.  Kiah from one of my favorite blogs wore this jacket many moons ago, and I loved the jacket.  I never thought about buying it until I was making a purchase from One Stop Plus and this jacket was on the clearance with a pair of slacks for only 19.99!  The price was too right for me not to purchase it.  Perhaps my most loved item right now (even though I have had it a few months)

Love items of clothing that accentuate my waist and glide over my rear and thighs.  I always feel so sexy.

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  1. Werk it girl! You look fantastic! I just love this jacket. I have had it forever and only worn it twice! I think I will wear it tomorrow! lol So jealous that you got it on clearance, I paid full price! Lucky Duck! lol You are just too sweet! Thank you so much for the shout out and for following my blog. You have made my day. btw - I am now following your blog that I just skimmed through and love! God Bless, Kiah

  2. Thank you, Kiah! You are too sweet... MWAH!


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