Rock 'n Rose...

Last night was Date Night, so we decided to visit a little cafe in the Brookland area of DC called "The B Cafe".  A friend of mine always talks about how good the food is and I love the fact that they serve vegetarian and vegan options. On top of that, they have an excellent selection of seafood options. Couple that with a good location, FREE parking (a commodity in DC), and the cafe's proximity to home and me and The Spouse were sold.  I like to be comfortable, but still a bit saucy on Date Nights so I chose this dress and decided to edge it up with a faux-leather jacket.  And... this was my attempt at incorporating pastels into my wardrobe. The dress is the palest of pink, almost beige, and the arms on my glasses are pink.  That's enough, right?! At least give me some credit for trying...

I have worn this jacket in previous posts, but never really gave this jacket its due The SOFTEST faux-leather, with ruffles that are not sickeningly sweet.
Jacket: Eloquii by The Limited

Underneath the arms is this stretchy, knit material that you cannot see with my arms down.

Ruffles, or tiers? The best collar choice for this jacket.

Open Toe Booties: Dolce Vita

This is actually a dress. You've seen this dress before in another color on this blog.
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
I got this Cuff Bracelet during New Jersey Full Figure Fashion Week from Kaluuah Couture. Definitely check her out, because I will be buying a LOT of accessories from her in the future.


  1. Awwww you look like such a lady......With a touch of Easter Sunday......Love it!

  2. Love that u were in my hood!! Brookland Cafe is def a chill spot for dates or any other random fashion shoots business mtgs or meets ups!! Looking good J.

  3. Cute Nelly..sweet and sassy!!


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