Red, Black, and Green...

 I wore this Easter Monday (yes it is a holiday), and did not feel one ounce of holiday cheer.  Christmas cheer, that is.  I generally refuse to wear this jacket during the winter holiday seasons for fear that people will believe that it is some Christmas-themed something or another.  So, I reserve it for times that are as unlike-Christmas as possible.  Hence, the reason why I pulled this jacket out during the Easter season.  While everyone else is wearing pinks, lemon yellows, lilacs, and lavenders, I chose to sport one of my most favorite thrift-store finds of all time.  All hail the magnificence of the Red, Black, and Green.  I know. I go too far sometimes.

Jacket: Thrifted, Denim shirt: Thrifted, Jeans: NYDJ, Booties: Nine West (YEARS ago)
I love it when I rediscover something...

The detailing on the jacket is what makes it.  The texture and the work may it special.

My absolute prized accessory possession: These leather Africa earrings. Love...

I hate jeans, but Not Your Daughter Jeans may have converted me.  I hate the name, but I am mother, so it may be okay.


  1. Owwwwww Love this look.... So nice

  2. Love the look. I have heard about them jeans. SO you like them? I keep passing the store in Arundel Mills. Might have to walk in and check them out.

    Char Faison

  3. Char, I didn't know they had a NYDJ store in Arundel Mills. I have bought several pair of jeans and jeggings and they are great. The waist does not gape and the jeans hug my curves.


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