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I know I am probably a few years seasons, late, but I am still trying to buy into the color block trend.  The saying is, "if you have experienced a trend once, you cannot try it again."  And I believe this.  As I look at the throng of colors that lace the stores, magazines, blogs, etc., I still have not been moved.  I can not help but envision old reruns of Rainbow Brite and her girls, Indigo (my personal favorite), Red Butler, LaLa Orange, and Patty O'Green.  Blossom, and her friend Six, showed their irreverence to trends through their unabashed forays into mis-matching as many colors and patterns as possible, but I have no desire to delve into the late 80s/early 90s again lest I look like a Cross Colours ad.  With that being said, I still like the things I spotted below.  Even if I like it better on others...

Hot Pink makes it a little more badass...

Nails and matching watch...

You remember these from another post. But I found them in Pink/Purple. Sigh...

Loving Fascinators (or wanting some hair)

Love nubby, wintry fabrics on Tom's.  An oxymoron, in my opinion.

Black women with blonde hair.

Roomy totes

From Henri Bendel

Floral-rimmed aviators (and dimples)

Blue Suede

Super, duper chunky necklaces, hold the earrings...

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  1. Love it!!!! Well u know I love the COLORS!!! #HAWT


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