African Chameleon

I threw this on to go out for a very late night dinner with The Spouse.  I was fully dressed, but when I went outdoors, it was chilly and raining, so I ran indoors, grabbed this outfit and changed before heading out once again.  It is a combination of things that I absolutely adore: African prints and camouflage.  I always keep a pair of camouflage shorts and pants on hand, as they are completely versatile as they are a neutral (yes, I said it) and can be dressed up or down.  This night, I felt like looking like a more militant version of myself, and empowered I was.  A swipe of Ruby Woo lipstick, and cat-eye glasses toned this outfit down and made it a tad more feminine.  Just a tad...

Daishiki: Thrifted, Camouflage pants: Thrifted

Nails: Sally Hensen nail polish stickers (I always try a trend about a year after it surfaces!)

Wedges: Guess



  1. Love it!! Your glasses are everything!!!

  2. Chiffon: Thanks!

    Chloe: Stop making me blush...LOL

  3. The mixture of prints are amazing.


  4. Thank you Shakiyla! Just read your blog. It is amazing! Following you now...

  5. I love it! You look smashing darling!! Beautiful. And are really making me want to cut my hair all off again!


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