Talbots and Tats...

I have a confession. Talbots is one of my favorite stores. Yes, that Talbots. Yes, the one with the catalog. Yes, the one that is (and in some ways continue to be) that bastion of American woman classic dressing.  I like to think Talbots is to women's Americana, what Ralph Lauren is to men's.  My bottom half is larger than my top, and Talbots carries a plethora of skirts that caress my curves.  I love a fit and flare, classic shape in a skirt, and I can count on Talbots to carry those skirts in various fabrics, prints, lengths, colors, etc.  And almost every item of clothing they carry go to a size 24.  So while I am indebted to those items of clothing with edge, sometimes I feel classy.  Talbots provides the fix every time.

Chambray Trench: Thrifted, Floral Skirt: Talbots, Stripe shirt: Talbots

I abhor floral prints! But this print meets my criteria for floral prints: subdued, muted, blurred

Bracelet: Crushed Velvet Junque 
Zebra Kitten Heel Pumps: Nine West (Old)

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