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My infatuation with earrings began when I first cut my hair in 11th grade.  Rationale being, the shorter the hair, the bigger the earring.  The earring mania has not decreased, instead it has seemingly remained steady with lulls here and there depending on the length of my hair. My theory now: the bigger the better.  The more African the better. The more Red, Black and Green, the better.
I love purchasing earrings from vendors at street festivals, concerts, and Etsy.  And handmade earrings always seem to catch my eye.  As long as it is big and bold, you can catch me in it.   I have photos of the earring I covet most at this moment. And while this in only about an eighth of the total earrings I own, these earrings hold a special place in my heart and make me the most happy.

From Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Authentic Fulani Earrings...Huge, but so lightweight and delicate, I am afraid to wear these most times.

BEFORE the Basketball Wives phenomenon

Like a Basket Weave

Handmade my Tierra of Nazeem 

Got these at Eastern Market in DC 
From QuellyRue Designs

Wood Adinkra Symbol: Gye Nyame

These are super huge!


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