Big Fat Summer Challenge...

Jennifer, curvy diva from the blog, Jasifer Lions Club, issued a challenge to curvy bloggers around the world.  It's detailed here:

Curvies from all over have decided to participate in the challenge, and on her website, she chronicles their outfit posts to showcase their take on specific trends.  The Big Fat Summer Challenge ends the end of July, and Jennifer will provide an award to the curvy diva she thinks interpreted the challenge "the best" if you will.  I have looked at this challenge everyday.  EVERYDAY, since it came out in early June, and to be honest, even though the premise is to challenge plus size women to wear whatever they like and be confident, I am pretty cool with everything on the list.  Actually, I have worn everything on this list some time this summer.  Except.........   Something Strapless!!!!!!

To even think about a strapless top makes me tense and nervous.  My arms are my LEAST favorite body part, and although I consider myself to be fashion fearless, I am petrified to show my arms to the world.  I took a baby step this weekend when I went to my friend's mom's B-day party.  I actually wore a sleeveless dress, but that doesn't count in my mind.  I was amongst people I love and that love me.  It actually confused me that no one said anything to me about my arms.  It was almost as if they didn't even notice that they were out.  I was stepping into a realm I have not stepped into since I was 11, and in my debut, no one seemed to care.  That boosted my confidence a bit, not making me comfortable, but making me realize no one really gives a damn about my fat arms.  But my challenge is to go sleeveless this summer when I am around strangers, out at an event, etc.  

My Big Fat Summer Challenge
 Go sleeveless.  In public. Around strangers. And capture a pic.  To place on the blog. For everyone to see.  I feel nauseous. For real.  

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