Nothing will keep me from you...

On Friday, the DC area experienced a rash of tornadoes and funnels.  Random.  But what was even more random was my friends thinking that could keep me from hearing the R&B stylings of Anita Baker.  Ha! Silly kids!  Nothing will stop me from seeing Anita Baker, absolutely NOTHING.  So although we were experiencing torrential rains, I remained weather and trend appropriate for an outdoor festival.  I was drenched, but every drop of rain was soooooo worth it.

Neon Yellow tunic: Old Navy, Leopard Jeans: DKNY @ Lane Bryant

Sandals: Matt Bernson RUINED!

Fulani Earrings

I was pressed to lay atop this table and take this pic.  Why?

Neon nails

Camera bag, picnic basket, purse, laptop holder, too many damn things...smdh


  1. Yes Ms. Baker is indeed worth being caught in a downpour of rain. Her voice is amazing. Love your outfit!


  2. Ms. Shakiyla, I would do it over a hundred times... Thanks for the compliment ma'am!

  3. LOVE THE FULANI EARRINGS !!!!! you look gorgeous


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