The Styleliner...

I'm leaving the nail salon in Georgetown, on my way to Hinckley Pottery in Adams Morgan to see The Spouse, and I take a short cut to beat what seems to be a presidential motorcade.  Lo and behold! I see what looks like a bread truck or an ice cream truck, but is obviously some sort of fashion store on wheels.  I make a quick U-turn and decide to do a quick investigation.  I step into the truck and I am in heaven.  It is a store on wheels.  Dresses, shoes, necklaces, handbags, earrings, everything one could want in a store, but mobile.  Genius!  Upon further investigation, I discover that the mobile boutique is actually parked outside someone's house because they are a part of a bridal shower.  They have been hired to be present at this party. This is a private party.  This mobile boutique is for guests of the private party.  Redundant?  This is how I felt as the guests attempted to give me subtle hints that I was not welcome.  But, subtlety gets you nowhere and I refused to leave before I got contact info, pics, etc.  So I present to you, The Styleliner.  Based in New York, but currently on tour.  I love this city.

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