Black Wings...

If you live in the Northeast, you, too have been experiencing almost torrential rains for over a week.  It is difficult to be cute in this kind of weather, but this blog isn't about being cute all the time. It's about being real.  So here is an outfit I wore yesterday to go teach a workshop to a group of girls.  The weather was cool, so I grabbed my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.  These were thrifted a couple of years ago and they are actual men jeans.  No DIY here, they came like this. Perfect from the day I bought them.  I decided to pair them with this top from ASOS.  They have tons of this shirt style on the site, in a variety of colors and prints, but I think the black is the sleekest.  The hi-low trend is nothing new, but as I have said before, I usually try a trend several years after it is over. LOL Anywho, I threw on this great "silver" necklace that I purchased from Ashley Stewart for practically nothing, and this was my ensemble for the day. Easy, breezy, comfortable, and appropriate for the work at hand.

Sidenote: I am so glad that people have stopped sleeping on Ashley Stewart!  They were named plus-sized fashion retailer of the year at Full-Figured Fashion Week.  Admittedly, they are not my go-to for clothes, but they have some nice pieces.  And they keep the trendy offerings coming season after season for a reasonable price.  But their jewelry offerings can not be touched.  I see many straight size women in the store getting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.  So, shout-out to Ashley Stewart.


Black textured cuff: ASOS

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  1. Fab! U Kno I love this top.... ❤ Hi-Low look so Cute as Always

  2. Hi Nel. You have a fabulous style and your African prints clothes are inspiring. That shirt is fabulous.

  3. Great top! I liked how you styled it. I've been checking it out on ASOS for a while. Tempted to purchase it.

  4. Dark Choc - thank you for the wonderful compliments.

  5. Vivi - You should. Its a great jersey that is seasonless. I'm thinking about getting it in a print or another color. A must have...


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