This is what happens when you wake up Sunday morning at 10:30 am, ravenous, and decide that you want breakfast, even though you are not a breakfast person.  You call one friend, they call another, and eventually you find yourself on a party line with 7 people.  Pure chaos.  My plea to my friends: "I am starving, I want brunch, and I want to eat no later than 12:00."  No small feat for 7 women to get prepped and primed, come from all parts of the city to chow down on some low country food at Eatonville in a little over an hour.  But we made it.  And the food was delicious. So were the 3 hours of conversation we had.  I apologize to all the patrons (past, present, and future) that have to sit through the vulgarities, shrieks, obscenities, and belly laughs that define our conversations.

 Please notice the white overalls a la' TLC, blue crop top, MCM crossbody bag, and African fulani earrings.  I can't even begin with this lady....

Tameelah, so innocent looking, but so utterly crazy, wild, and free.  We love her...


Seed bead bracelets galore! Sagittarian sisters unite!

"Late Lenny" as we have dubbed her...

Teri, who doesn't need a bun that high?

Jenee' bringing the blonde glamour in 5 inch heels to our ragtag, piecemeal brunch set.


  1. Gotta Love Our Time together Always The Absolute Best
    Love These Chics!!!

    #7 4Lyfe

  2. This looked like so much fun! Gotta love girl time!!

  3. Candace, I can't even begin to tell you the fun we have when we get together....


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