Curves really do rock...

I have been moving into a new home this past month.  When I had the opportunity to see ALL the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I actually have, it was eye-opening.  So many items still have the tags on them, and some things I actually do not remember purchasing. So I made a pledge to myself to shop my own closet for a while.  I need to put these clothing items to good use, lest I feel wasteful.

White moto vest: DKNY @ Lane Bryant; White pants: Talbots; White dress: ASOS Curve (old); Snakeskin wedge sandals: Guess 

Me and my friends attended Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore this weekend.  Curves Rock is a movement to encourage women to embrace their curves and enhance them with fashion.  I knew that because this was a plus size "fashion" event, I would see the usual Bodycon dresses, Colorblocking, and of course, all-black at this event, (things I personally LOVE) so I decided to throw together white garments from my wardrobe to create what I consider a slightly edgy look.  I was thoroughly pleased with the results, as the items alone do not read edgy.  I also stood out as the only person in all white.  To ground the ensemble and prevent it from being too cookouty (word?), I added black, tough accessories and wedges to up the edge factor.  I likey...


  1. Love Nell white is your color!!!

    Ms. Maria (MUAH)

  2. White suits you so well, beautiful lipstick color :)Love it.

  3. Hey love! This is Apri' thank you for shopping with Real Divas are LARGE! at Curves Rock! You looked fabulous! It was a pleasure talking with you! Please visit us on facebook at and post your blog entries!

  4. Ms. Apri'! Your showing at Curves Rock Weekend was fabulous. I love your accessories and will be posting an entry in my Skull earrings very soon. It was so great meeting you and keep up the good work.


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