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Okay, after being on Instagram for a while (follow me on Instagram at @girlsofplenty), I see that the winds of plus size clothing are a-changing.  There is an influx of online boutiques that cater specifically to plus size women, and I THOUGHT that this would be a good thing, BUT..... I can't really support these businesses, because they never carry clothing that interest me.  Think of a combination of Rainbow/Dots/Simply Fashion/Forever 21.  Now, I will admit that I was the first to shop these stores. When I was in my early twenties  Not so much anymore.  I am willing to pay a little extra for a real pair of leather leggings, instead of the plastic ones that only survive two wears.  I admire the confidence of the girls of plenty who wear bustiers, miniskirts, cold-shoulder blouses, body-con dresses, and spandex/polyester blends everyday.  However, I have not been able to integrate these clothes into my daily wardrobe, as they just do not work for me, and I don't like them. For those who can, more power to you.

I am a grown woman, hence the need for grown woman clothes.  Noticed I said "grown" not "mature", so no Roaman's catalog yet!  I say bless the plus size clothing gods for blessing me with the following retailers, without whom I would be admonished to a hell that existed only of polyester blends and at least 11% of spandex in every article of clothing I wear.


If, like me, you experience a goth/emo clothing phase every 3 years and you refuse to wear anything if it isn't black, leather, spike, studded, etc. Carmakoma is for you.  Sure, the clothing ships from Denmark and the shipping is killer, but the quality, choice, and fit make it soooo worth it.


Named 2012 Full-Figured Fashion Week Designer of the Year, Jibri never fails to give you all the items you never knew you wanted.  I own both the harem pants jumper pictured above and the blue satin harem pants.  I never knew that my wardrobe needed an extra wide, exaggerated hip, harem pant in turquoise satin, no less, until I purchased these from Jibri.  I often wonder how I functioned before them.


With the addition of Vince Camuto, DKNY, and Michael Kors to their plus size wares, Nordstrom may well be on their way to plus size retailer superstardom.  They carry a little something for everyone, and increasingly, at more affordable price points.  Whether you need something for work, school, play, a wedding, your own wedding, Nordstrom has what you need. Not to mention they carry my favorite brand of bras, Elomi. Nordstrom has become a one-stop shop for me, as of late. 

If you fluctuate between wanting the perfect pair of dark wash trouser jeans to wanting the most on trend coated metallic skinny jeans, Not Your Daughter's Jeans are for you.  Sure, the name would have you believe that these jeans are not for cool kids, but they are.  If you are looking for jeans that offer great fit, a slimming panel that is barely perceptible, and the denim trends when they come out (not a year later), check them out.  And they boast a size-smaller fit and look to all their jeans.  My favorite jeans come from them, and everyone knows I hate jeans.  Well, I used to hate jeans...

So these are some of my tried and true places to shop for quality pieces.  What are some of yours?  I'm always looking for new retailers, so send them my way.


  1. Love the way you explain things Nell you are a wonderful Mentor and if I didnt already have one I would ask you to be mine, Keep writing and Ill keep reading!!

    Peace & Love

  2. I love these jeans. They are great!

  3. Good stuff. I'm liking the blog, as a 48-year-old person who also is wary of a few of the young-skewing plus lines.


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