I wouldn't consider this an outfit post, because this outfit is as nondescript as can be.  A long, black dress, right?  But indicative of so much more.  As I look around me and notice the leaves' changing hue, and the presence of foliage underfoot, I notice that I am also changing.  Changing back to me.  You see, I love Black clothing.  Black clothing soothes me. Black clothing energizes me.  While my outfit posts betray my true love and lust for all things black, it is in Black I feel at ease.  So this isn't an outfit post.  Only a post that shows me at my most comfortable, my sexiest, my most confident.  Draped in black, and ready to transition back to me.  To put away the bold colors, the frivolity, and to return to self. Don't worry, my other "self" is only tucked away awaiting an opportunity to return...

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