Over-the-Knee Boots...

I can admit, I want nothing more than to wear Black, Black, Black.  The outfit, nothing special.  But the boots... Oh, the boots!  Small ish for women with a nice petite calf.  The Holy Grail to a big legged sista like me.  My obsession with Over-the-Knee boots continue. Of course, you have seen my other over-the-knee boots worn countless times.  But these up the sex factor.  And they are...real leather.  Scouring the web for a while looking for an over-the-knee boot with a sensible, but sexy, heel, led me to the brand, Ros Hammerson.  They are sold at several websites, NordstromWide Widths, and Zappos, just to name a few.  They offer great boots for wide-calves like mine and they have an array of styles and fit an array of calf sizes.  The website, Wide Widths, has the best selection, and an array of calf sizes - wide calf, extra-wide calf, super-wide calf, and super-plus wide calf - ranging from a 17" calf width all the way to a 24 3/4" calf!  The boot I am wearing is the Sherlock 2, and with a 3" heel, I am still able to walk all day without the pain and discomfort some heels can cause.  I am so pleased with the quality of these boots, I am sure to purchase another pair.

Black Tube dress: ASOS Curve, Poncho: Marshalls, Boots: Wide Widths, Hat: H&M

Necklace: Revolution Vintage Shop

Below are additional styles from the Wide-Widths website.  There are plenty of other styles to choose from. Don't go crazy!

Psst...Are you coming to the Pop-up Vintage Shop exclusively for Curvy women?  I hope to see you there...


  1. omg! im sooo happy you did this post. i have big calf muscles and can hardly find anything that fits. even in the plus size stores

  2. Ms. Lala G, they have a great selection. But here 's a secret, go to ebay and look for the shoe and style you want, I was able to get a pair of leather over the knee boots for only 49 dollars! Still on wide width for over 200!

  3. I have wanted to try a pair of this brand, but really wanted to see someone in them! I'm sold!

  4. Its very hard to find boots for wide calf. These boots are very nice and looks attractive too....

  5. Great post. Had a question though .. will this work on any material or just leather? I have faux leather and suede boots that I would love to strech out too. Thanks.


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