Separate...but equal....

I love ASOS, and my closet can attest to that.  I think that they have a wonderful selection of clothing for the plus sized woman in their Asos Curve range of clothing.  But as I was perusing their site today, as I do almost everyday, I started to rethink Asos.  Because I have a lot of time on my hands, I ventured out from the Asos Curve line and took a peek at all the offerings for women, plus and straight size.  I feel like I have been bamboozled.  Where are the edgy clothing that they offer to their straight size consumers?  I, too, as a size 16-18 want to wear plaid wide-leg pants and a faux leather boilersuit.  A high waisted puffball skirt appeals to me like nothing else.  A yellow boilersuit with lapels fashioned after a suit? I'm all about it.  Asos Curve does sell some of the offerings below, but not quite. For instance, the tartan peplum top comes in plus size, but instead of the wide leg pants, they offer a pencil skirt.  Sigh... I do not want to wear body conscious dresses and blazers everyday.  I love a pencil skirt as much as the next person, but am I not worthy of wide leg slacks that actually fit?  If you need help with your pants, Asos Curve, ask Lane Bryant to help you (they mastered wide leg slacks for plus size women years ago).  If you need to charge me a little extra to make my leather boilersuit, have at it.  As one of the most comprehensive websites with very unique and edgy pieces, the Curve line is surprisingly, tame.  Almost a peace offering of sorts.  An olive branch or apology.      "We will appease you plus size women with Asos Curve, but we will not just offer the same clothing we offer to our straight size consumer!"their lines seem to say. And we have taken the bait and swallowed it whole.  We are so thankful for them, plus size women take thousands of pics and post them, and they do look good.  But make me the clothes you make for everyone!  Don't worry about the "fit" or if the item will "flatter" me.  Flattery is subjective to one's perspective.  Asos Curve, all this to say.... Separate, but equal is okay with me.  Just keep it equal.  All this to say, I want this Leather Boilersuit. Please?

Asos Wish list

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