Okay, I did this outfit post just because I like all the components of this outfit.  Separately... Not together.  I look as awful as I feel.  These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving Day, right before I went to eat at my mother's house.  I felt like hell, and had spent the entire day in the bed, as The Spouse is the real cook anyway, and does almost all the cooking.  Holidays are not a real priority for me, as I can take them or leave them, but every since my Dad died a few years ago, I try to make a point to spend the holidays with my mom so she is not alone.  Soooo, this ensemble is a result of flu-like symptoms, the beginnings of strep throat, the first day of my cycle ( TMI!), nausea, dizziness, aches and pains, etc.  But I soldiered on and even took my co-worker's sage advice, "When you feel your worst, look your best.  Your mood and body will catch up."  Great advice, usually, but not when the Flu is knocking.  So here, my attempt to be comfortable, fashionable, unique, etc. all while feeling like crap.... Thank you.

Yes...this is a headband.  If you feel like singing, "Fame! I'm gonna live forever...." when you see this pic, it's quite alright. A few people actually did.

Where can I get some faux leather leggings that actually fit?! Please let me know...


  1. Our body types are very similar and I'm loving Lane Bryant's faux leather leggings - they don't bag or sag and actually flatter larger thighs. Also, Asos Curves has a great paneled pair that fit well.

    BTW, I'm a major fan of your blog! You represent us bald, curvy, fashionable women with so much class and style!

  2. Miss DonnainDc, thanks for the info. I'm wearing these from ASOS, but I am def going to get the ones from Lane right now. And 50% off right now isn't too shabby either. Thanks for the compliments My fellow curvy, bald, sister!

  3. That jacket is EVERYTHING! Where is it from>?

  4. This jacket came from One Stop Plus two years ago. It was sold with a pair of pants for only $20 on the clearance! I absolutely love it!


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