Every post that you see from now until next summer will probably feature me wearing tights. And even if I am wearing pants, you can bet with some certainty that I am probably wearing tights.

Here a picture of my Tights Compartment...

Confession: These are just my Spanx Tights (hangs head in shame). Actually, just my collection of Spanx Tights that are colored (digs a hole in the sand).  I have a entire dresser drawer of Black tights that I refuse to mix with these.  I love tights.  I think my love of tights started when I was just a little girl raised as a Pentecostal Christian (no pants allowed), and went to a Christian private school where skirts and jumpers were the norm.  It was tights or freeze, so tights usually won out.  Truthfully, the larger I got (I was already 5'7" before middle school and a size DD bra cup), the fewer options I had in tights.  While all my smaller friends could wear opaque tights, and some even had the need nerve to slay with cable-knit sweater tights, I was usually only able to find sheer stockings in Queen Size. If I was lucky, I could sometimes find a pair with polka dots.  But I hated the "swish-swish-swish" sound that stockings made between my thick thighs as they rubbed together.

Forward 30 years later, and the tights that are offered to plus size women are almost limitless.  Although I wear Hue brand tights for everyday wear (they are good quality, less expensive, great colors and textures, easy to find, and work well for everyday wear), when I want to really do it, I turn to Spanx (at least 3 times a week). Great leg coverage, opacity (thickness), and shapewear all in one.  I consider myself the Plus size Vera Wang of sorts.  She has made it very clear how fond she is of Danskin tights and leggings and wears them EVERYDAY. Just as I pledge my allegiance to Spanx tights.  So I hope you don't tire of me and my tights, for they are here to stay...

Tights I am/will be rocking this year:

Spanx Tight-end Tights Reversible 
 Reversible -  black on one side, brown on the other. Thicker than most of my leggings. Ingenious!

Spanx Tights in Amethyst

Spanx Tights in Diamond pattern

Spanx Control top Fishnets

Spanx Tight-end Tights in Craisin
Spanx tights can be found at Thank me later...


  1. Wow i really would like to be you when i grow up.

  2. Thanks so much for that, Thefashionistachic

  3. OMG!! I have grown a love for tights as well and I like you grew up in Pentacostal Holiness, skirts for days but I didn't embrace that lifestyle but now I love skirts and tights.

  4. MissNaturallyCurly I stopped fighting it and acknowledged that I love skirts!


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