Minty Fresh...

Every blog, magazine, etc. extols the virtue of pastels as the "it" color in jeans, dresses, accessories, etc.  I want to believe it, but I have a strong resentment against anything that remotely resembles an Easter basket.  But this jacket is different. Not really "minty" per-se, but a washed down version of a pastel.  A hardened version, if you will.  Thrown over this chiffon dress, this twill, cargo anorak provides a balance.  A mash-up that makes me feel just right.

Jacket: Who knows? So long ago...

Dress: Nordstrom 

Shoes: Via Spiga (the entire platform is wood)

I stumbled across these Adinkra symbol pins foraging through Ebay. 9 pins total. One happy me.

Not for show! I am a Scrabble Club member.

Gold and Silver.


Zebra, Stripes, and Plaid? Oh my...

I walked into work and discovered it was not only "Spirit Week" but today just happened to be "Accessorize Your Uniform Day".  All day I received comments like, "Ms. H. you went all out with the accessories!"; "Ms. H. you should have saved that outfit for 'Crazy Dressing Day'"  I didn't have the heart to break theirs.  This was a real outfit that I decided to wear to work.  And I felt damn good ALL day.

No matter what people tell you, remember, pink nails DO NOT go with everything

I want to lose weight in my arms just so I can wear twenty of these at the same time.  I hate having to choose which ones to wear on any given day.

"No, I'm not having a bad hair day. I don't have any hair..." Awkward silence.

Glen Plaid Pants: Lane Bryant, Denim Shirt: Thrifted, Cardigan: Talbots, Shoes: Sam Edelman


A Pink Friday...

Hot Pink Nails! Courtesy of Julie, Nail Technician at Ibiza Day Spa in DC
During my last manicure, I had my nails painted a gorgeous gray color. Perfect color for this transitional weather I suppose.  I love dark colors on my nails - Black, Navy, and my favorite color in the entire world being OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, a deep, dark eggplant color that only looks purple in the light.  But Julie has Spring fever, obviously.  She asked to pick my color and I told her sure, with no reservation.  The result is apparent in my nails.  First, they're pink!  I absolutely abhor pink.  Top that off, they're HOT pink.  Almost a Day-Glo color.  I wanted to cry.  "Now everyone will think I'm a girl", I thought to myself.  But there is obviously power in pink.  This nail color has changed me.  They have made me pine for Spring/Summer in DC.  After leaving the spa, I began to think of what these nails represent for me:

  • Rita's Water Ice - Alex's Lemonade mixed with Black Cherry, please
  • Carton Barron Ampitheatre Summer Concert Series
  • Fort Dupont Park Free Summer Concerts
  • SweetGreen Salads and Frozen Yogurt
  • Kramerbooks and Afterwords in Dupont Circle
  • Eastern Market on Sundays
  • Frozen Yo in Columbia Heights
  • Downtown Silver Spring's Water Sprinkle
  • The Tender Rib at the Open-Air Market
  • Cookouts at Don's house
  • Brooklyn Flea Market in New York
  • Patapsco Flea in Baltimore
  • Free Outdoor Movies - EVERYWHERE in DC
  • Mr. P's on Capitol Hill
  • Museums/National Zoo/Six Flags
  • McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and Sweet Tea
  • and free days all day....

Although this pink is definitely not a color I would have chosen for myself, my longing for spring and summer has finally arrived by way of a nail polish bottle. Amazing what a little color can do...


Springing Softly...

I'm trying to ease myself into Spring.  Yesterday was the official start of Spring, but unlike everyone else around me, I cannot make the mental transition as quickly as others.  Eighty degree weather in March does not make me pull out sandals and shorts.  So here is an outfit that is helping me ease into Spring.  Lighter in color and fabric, this just may make me change my mind about Spring and accept its presence a little bit more. Maybe.

Tunic: H&M, Pants: New York & Company

Cow Printed/Pony hair shoes: Urban Outfitters (Old)

I love this necklace. I've had it FOREVER! I don't even remember where it came from.

The keyhole and bow at the back of this dress provides just a little more visual interest.


Maximum Coverage...

Am I the only person that feels sexier when I am completely covered? Of course, fitted clothes may look more "flattering" on me (whatever that means), but I absolutely love a long, flowing, prairie house dress moment.  Not a maxi dress, per se, because I am not that fond of them, but something that makes me stand out from the crowds of super-sexy women in tight, short clothing.
The Spouse hates when I wear long dresses that fail to glide against any of my curves, but strangely enough, I feel irresistible in this ensemble.

Spring temps seem like they may be here to stay for a while, but a summer 70 degrees is different than a winter 70 degrees. I patiently await Spring's official arrival, but in the meantime I topped this outfit with my trusty classic, Gap denim jacket.  

Cream blouse: Thrifted, Ruffled Maxi dress: Old Navy ($5.49!)

To all those that mistakenly thought I was a nun today, I say, "Bless You!"

Tan Oxford: Nine West
I really have to stop mean mugging/scowling/squinting in my pictures....


Weekend Chillin...

 Both me and Cheeks had busy Saturdays.  Cheeks' was busy throwing a baby shower for her niece.  (I really should have taken pics of the decorations and food; baby animal print theme, green and brown chiffon and candies; cute and sophisticated rolled into one.  Cheeks is the ultimate event planner).  I had to attend a six-hour Scrabble tournament with my students that began at 9:00 am.  So for both of us, comfort was priority.

Cheeks keeps it colorful by channeling Rainbow Brite once again!  This time, she chooses to saturate her world with turquoise.  In a sea of subdued colors, she really did shine.  Monochromatically, she chose to pair a sweater and jeggings in the same hue of blue, but she broke up the saturation of color with white and metallic accents.  She doesn't need Spring to come officially, she wears what she pleases.
Jeggings: Ashley Stewart, Sweater: Ashley Stewart 

Her trusty Tory Burch flats, this time in Gold Sequin...

 This dress came from Old Navy during their After-Holiday clearance.  It was 6.99!  I loved the olive green color, the adjustable drawstring waist that allows for a more fitted waist while preserving the flow of the skirt, and the asymmetrical hemline.  The ruching in the shoulders was a plus and the short sleeves make this dress seasonless.

My everyday earrings!

Dress: Old Navy, Leggings: Hue Leggings, Boots: Report Signature

I found this "Leopard Scarf" at Forever 21 for pennies.  I remember someone giving me fashion advice that advised, "Only wear animal print patterns that can actually be found in nature".  To that I reply, "There are blue-spotted leopards somewhere."


Teal Turned Down...

Yes I know, Graphic Pairings are to die for.  If I could, I would wear the following clothing combinations every single day: all-black, all-white, or black and white.  As tempting as it was for me to pair this classic black and white blazer with black jeggings, or a black dress, I decided to pair it with this dress you have seen before here.
I think I am in love with Dorothy Perkins dresses, although I am unsure of the sizing. I am usually a 16 in her clothing, but I purchased this exact same dress (different color) in a 14 and it fits much better.  Although I need to get the waist nipped in a bit.  But the pleats allow for some forgiveness.  And the fitted waist of the blazer while buttoned gave the illusion of a good fit.
Paired with classic black tights (I own over 30 pair, I counted...smdh) and my patent leather oxford school marm shoes, this blazer remains trendy but has become classicized (real word?) at the same time.
Blazer: Nordstrom Rack, Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Tights: Hue, Shoes: Nine West (years ago!)
All these pleats!!!  I couldn't even imagine ironing this.  Black wood bracelets mimic the stripes in the jacket.

I live for a nipped-in waist moment...

I'm having a love affair with these shoes lately. Don't know why.

Please don't hate on the 1988 hand on the wall pic.  You know you love it!

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