Summer Staples...

When all else fails, these are my summer go-to's:

Bold Earrings
White shirt

You can never go wrong with this simple, but stylish combination.

Feather earring

Tribal print wedges: Old Navy

White tunic

Levi Cutoffs: Thrifted


African Chameleon

I threw this on to go out for a very late night dinner with The Spouse.  I was fully dressed, but when I went outdoors, it was chilly and raining, so I ran indoors, grabbed this outfit and changed before heading out once again.  It is a combination of things that I absolutely adore: African prints and camouflage.  I always keep a pair of camouflage shorts and pants on hand, as they are completely versatile as they are a neutral (yes, I said it) and can be dressed up or down.  This night, I felt like looking like a more militant version of myself, and empowered I was.  A swipe of Ruby Woo lipstick, and cat-eye glasses toned this outfit down and made it a tad more feminine.  Just a tad...

Daishiki: Thrifted, Camouflage pants: Thrifted

Nails: Sally Hensen nail polish stickers (I always try a trend about a year after it surfaces!)

Wedges: Guess



Back to the Present...

Fluorescent Pink tee: Gap, White tissue thin cardigan: Gap (old), Neon Orange skirt: ASOS, Shoes: Cynthia Vincent

I once subscribed to the theory that "if you have worn a trend in the past, you cannot wear that trend when it comes around again."  Used to.  I am love with the neon trend right now.  Of course, I steer clear of headbands, lace gloves, shoelaces, friendship bracelets, and anything else that is reminiscent of the 1980s, but why shouldn't I be allowed to rock neon just because I enjoyed its first coming?  I find myself more drawn to simple shapes of neon, so when I found this hot pink classic fit tee at Gap, I thought of how many outfits I could make with this shirt.  While browsing on ASOS, I stumbled across this A-line skirt with patch pockets for only $20, so I was set and my dip into the trend of Neon began. For the second time.


Denim Anyone?

I was feeling very denimy today.  I felt like loading on the denim in all shades and this is unusual for me because I almost never have the urge to wear anything denim.  But I found these Roebucks (as in Sears & Roebucks) overalls at the thrift store a few weeks ago, so I went with it.  I added my trusty denim shirt I bought from Lane Bryant a couple of years ago, and instant outfit.  I felt sexy in this, if that's believable.  Somehow, the more covered I am, the more sexy I feel.  I really turn on the flirting, and the sex appeal when I have no skin showing, and this ensemble definitely covered every inch.  I was at my most sexiest, go figure.

Vintage sunglasses: Zulu Gypsy

Marc by Marc Jacobs denim tote

This is my friend Cheeks' bag.  Both her and Jamila have this bag, and I have coveted it for years.  I mean, Marc Jacobs, a tote, bleached I need to go on?  I finally convinced Cheeks to allow me to have use this bag, and now I'm wondering how in the hell I can live without it.

Sandals: Pour La Victoire


Talbots and Tats...

I have a confession. Talbots is one of my favorite stores. Yes, that Talbots. Yes, the one with the catalog. Yes, the one that is (and in some ways continue to be) that bastion of American woman classic dressing.  I like to think Talbots is to women's Americana, what Ralph Lauren is to men's.  My bottom half is larger than my top, and Talbots carries a plethora of skirts that caress my curves.  I love a fit and flare, classic shape in a skirt, and I can count on Talbots to carry those skirts in various fabrics, prints, lengths, colors, etc.  And almost every item of clothing they carry go to a size 24.  So while I am indebted to those items of clothing with edge, sometimes I feel classy.  Talbots provides the fix every time.

Chambray Trench: Thrifted, Floral Skirt: Talbots, Stripe shirt: Talbots

I abhor floral prints! But this print meets my criteria for floral prints: subdued, muted, blurred

Bracelet: Crushed Velvet Junque 
Zebra Kitten Heel Pumps: Nine West (Old)


Journey to Self...

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a women's retreat in Berkley Springs, West Virginia.    

The facilitators were Tamarah, Robyn, and Halina, the lovely young women pictured below.  I came to this retreat weekend with no expectations, but I left feeling cleansed, unburdened, unfettered, and refocused on living a purposed life.  I left with a clearer vision of the life I want to live and with concrete steps to achieve just that.  I left West Virginia utterly in love with each one of these women, so impressed with their professionalism, but attracted to their friendliness; respecting their knowledge, and longing for their wisdom and guidance.  But this retreat was about me, and reminding me to use the tools I already have inside to live a purposeful life.

Their retreats, Journey to Self, are held monthly.  Visit their website, Journey to Self, to register for one of their events. Tell 'em Jann'l sent you...


Slice of Summer...

I know, I know. I look like a huge slice of watermelon.  But who doesn't relish a cool slice of watermelon, so syrupy sweet, it oozes its ripe juices down the sides of your mouth and down the back of your hand?  I don't know about you, but if I can resemble what I consider the best part of summer, why not?  Enjoy!

Blazer: Gap, Dress: Old Navy; Bracelets: Patapsco Flea Market


Things I Fancy... Earrings

My infatuation with earrings began when I first cut my hair in 11th grade.  Rationale being, the shorter the hair, the bigger the earring.  The earring mania has not decreased, instead it has seemingly remained steady with lulls here and there depending on the length of my hair. My theory now: the bigger the better.  The more African the better. The more Red, Black and Green, the better.
I love purchasing earrings from vendors at street festivals, concerts, and Etsy.  And handmade earrings always seem to catch my eye.  As long as it is big and bold, you can catch me in it.   I have photos of the earring I covet most at this moment. And while this in only about an eighth of the total earrings I own, these earrings hold a special place in my heart and make me the most happy.

From Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Soul RebelYes

Authentic Fulani Earrings...Huge, but so lightweight and delicate, I am afraid to wear these most times.

BEFORE the Basketball Wives phenomenon

Like a Basket Weave

Handmade my Tierra of Nazeem 

Got these at Eastern Market in DC 
From QuellyRue Designs

Wood Adinkra Symbol: Gye Nyame

These are super huge!


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