Curves really do rock...

I have been moving into a new home this past month.  When I had the opportunity to see ALL the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I actually have, it was eye-opening.  So many items still have the tags on them, and some things I actually do not remember purchasing. So I made a pledge to myself to shop my own closet for a while.  I need to put these clothing items to good use, lest I feel wasteful.

White moto vest: DKNY @ Lane Bryant; White pants: Talbots; White dress: ASOS Curve (old); Snakeskin wedge sandals: Guess 

Me and my friends attended Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore this weekend.  Curves Rock is a movement to encourage women to embrace their curves and enhance them with fashion.  I knew that because this was a plus size "fashion" event, I would see the usual Bodycon dresses, Colorblocking, and of course, all-black at this event, (things I personally LOVE) so I decided to throw together white garments from my wardrobe to create what I consider a slightly edgy look.  I was thoroughly pleased with the results, as the items alone do not read edgy.  I also stood out as the only person in all white.  To ground the ensemble and prevent it from being too cookouty (word?), I added black, tough accessories and wedges to up the edge factor.  I likey...


Black Wings...

If you live in the Northeast, you, too have been experiencing almost torrential rains for over a week.  It is difficult to be cute in this kind of weather, but this blog isn't about being cute all the time. It's about being real.  So here is an outfit I wore yesterday to go teach a workshop to a group of girls.  The weather was cool, so I grabbed my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.  These were thrifted a couple of years ago and they are actual men jeans.  No DIY here, they came like this. Perfect from the day I bought them.  I decided to pair them with this top from ASOS.  They have tons of this shirt style on the site, in a variety of colors and prints, but I think the black is the sleekest.  The hi-low trend is nothing new, but as I have said before, I usually try a trend several years after it is over. LOL Anywho, I threw on this great "silver" necklace that I purchased from Ashley Stewart for practically nothing, and this was my ensemble for the day. Easy, breezy, comfortable, and appropriate for the work at hand.

Sidenote: I am so glad that people have stopped sleeping on Ashley Stewart!  They were named plus-sized fashion retailer of the year at Full-Figured Fashion Week.  Admittedly, they are not my go-to for clothes, but they have some nice pieces.  And they keep the trendy offerings coming season after season for a reasonable price.  But their jewelry offerings can not be touched.  I see many straight size women in the store getting necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.  So, shout-out to Ashley Stewart.


Black textured cuff: ASOS

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Smile, DC...

Out and About and snapped these scenes.  They comprise just a few of the things that made me smile.

They both have skateboards

So hot, people got IN the fountain

Neon Highlights

Vintage. For no reason at all.

Random, spontaneous dancing

Adults actually playing

DC staple... Any style of gray New Balance sneakers. The more expensive, the more people buy them

Boys in tank tops, skinny jeans, and bulky sneakers

People with "Save-the-world" graduate degrees from Georgetown University

Blonde-haired, Black children.  I am obsessed with them!

Unexpected tattoo

My newfound love of Bread Pudding


Not giving a...

African print top: thrifted, Red Jeggings: Gap

I first put this top on with a long, white, maxi skirt.  Fitted top, long flowy skirt.  Always an appropriate silhouette for curvy women.  Especially women like me who are much larger on bottom than on top. The "rules" for women shaped like me is always, "loose on bottom, fitted on top, belt to accentuate waist." But I didn't want to be appropriate today. Nor did I want to give a rat's ass what was flattering.  I absolutely love these red jeggings, and I wanted to wear it with a favorite top of mine.  So....... this is the outcome.  A short, fitted top, paired with skin tight jeggings that show every lump, bump, curve, etc. I have.  I wore this to see Tamika "Love" Jones, Deborah Bond, and Yahzarah perform in the Carter Barron in Rock Creek Park last night.  And although the long white skirt probably would have looked just fine with this top, I truly love how I felt when I paired it with the jeggings.  Rat's ass not given.



This is what happens when you wake up Sunday morning at 10:30 am, ravenous, and decide that you want breakfast, even though you are not a breakfast person.  You call one friend, they call another, and eventually you find yourself on a party line with 7 people.  Pure chaos.  My plea to my friends: "I am starving, I want brunch, and I want to eat no later than 12:00."  No small feat for 7 women to get prepped and primed, come from all parts of the city to chow down on some low country food at Eatonville in a little over an hour.  But we made it.  And the food was delicious. So were the 3 hours of conversation we had.  I apologize to all the patrons (past, present, and future) that have to sit through the vulgarities, shrieks, obscenities, and belly laughs that define our conversations.

 Please notice the white overalls a la' TLC, blue crop top, MCM crossbody bag, and African fulani earrings.  I can't even begin with this lady....

Tameelah, so innocent looking, but so utterly crazy, wild, and free.  We love her...


Seed bead bracelets galore! Sagittarian sisters unite!

"Late Lenny" as we have dubbed her...

Teri, who doesn't need a bun that high?

Jenee' bringing the blonde glamour in 5 inch heels to our ragtag, piecemeal brunch set.


Picnic Anyone?

I am absolutely in love with this skirt.  I got it from a local flea market, and the designer of the skirt assured me that this skirt was "One Size Fits All".  After my ultra thin friend, Tameelah tried on one of the skirts, and looked absolutely gorgeous in it, admittedly, I was a bit hesitant.  But I finally tried it on, and I loved it, and the fit!  I almost missed out on this beauty because I was neglecting my number one rule: "Try everything on." You never know if you don't try it on.  I will definitely be going back and purchasing more of these skirts, in different colors and prints. I, of course, have to satisfy my need for African prints.

I know that this skirt is a standout on its own, but to subdue its beauty, and to make it a little less casual, if you will, I paired it with this red gingham shirt I purchased from Old Navy a couple of months ago.  Now, I am not the biggest Old Navy shopper, but every year, they have at least one thing that I fall in love with.  This shirt is that item. I purchased it in 5 different colors!  I know, I know.  I have it in yellow, blue, blue/pink combo, and a light chambray also.  It is the perfect summer shirt as it is an ultra thin, almost tissue-thin cotton and a great layering piece.  The pure Americana of red gingham, paired with this African printed skirt, was just the juxtaposition I was looking for.  And it reflects the duality that exists within me.

Shirt: Old Navy; Skirt: Local designer at flea market

Sandals: Steve Madden

Cat eye shades: Urban Outfitters; Lips: MAC Russian Red lipgloss (I'm trying to give Ruby Woo a break)

Who doesn't love an adjustable strap that you can tie in the back?

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