Dog Days of August... Day Whatever!

So.... some of the fam decided to charter a bus and spend the day in Ocean City, MD.  The trip was a bit impromptu, but I had so much fun.  Being surrounded by the ocean is the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday.  We ate, we laughed, we reconnected, we just had a good time.  And I was able to finally let this hot pink swimsuit from Walmart have its time in the sun.  I can't wait to get back...

Perfecting that adolescent, preteen angst, hate the world, nonchalance that annoys the hell outta me...

Cuteness x 2

I'm 14 today...

Black moms will do hair anywhere

Are we there yet?


Bathing suit: Walmart; Pants: Ashley Stewart

Can we have a moment of silence, please...

for the best darn glasses I have ever owned.  Vintage. Amber-tinted. Metal arms. As I tried to perfect my cool in the middle of the ocean, the ocean, in all her envy and jealousy, decided to sweep me off my feet in a torrent of waves, and steal my glasses.  I hope she can rock them as well as I did...Bitch.


Dog Days of August... Day 2: Bar 7

I took these pics last night at Bar 7, a bar/lounge in downtown DC.  Every Thursday, Bar 7 hosts a Happy Hour which eventually transitions into a club of sorts with live music provided by local band, Black Alley.  This has been a weekly gathering for a couple of years, but admittedly, I have never been.  I had a great time, though.  I am not really a "downtown" type of girl, so the after work crowd has never appealed to me.  Especially since DC is so heavily inundated with Federal government employees who can sometimes be very conservative.  But this crowd was easy, welcoming, and very mature.  The drinks were flowing, the bar food (wings, fries, tenders) was tasty, and Black Alley rocked the house, usual, with their fusion of Rock, Go-Go, R&B, Pop, and Heavy Metal.  All in all, I enjoyed myself.  And of course, some of my girls were with me, so even better.  Today is my second day out, but I'm already beat.  I'm too old for all this...


Always on the damn phone...

My glow in the dark nails



Phones, phones, phones!

One of my favorite bags. A classic...

Teriyana. Always too cool for school...

Blazer: So old, I have no clue; Skirt: ASOS Curve; Zebra Bandeau: Scarf wrapped and tucked;
Sandals: Pour la Victoire


Dog Days of August... Day 1: Goodwill Pop-Up Event

If you follow my Facebook page, you probably heard my declaration a few weeks ago to go somewhere EVERYDAY during the month of August.  This was my first "somewhere".

Edited for Goodwill is a collaboration between Goodwill, Pepco (the electric supplier) and Gensler architects.  Funds raised from all sales at the pop-up event will go towards the construction of a new Goodwill donation center and store somewhere in DC.  I went into this event with very few expectations.  It is, after all, Goodwill.  Now, I am a frequent patron of Goodwill, but a thrift store is a thrift store.  But this was slicker, sleeker, more carefully planned than what I could have imagined.  It didn't even feel as if I was thrifting, but perhaps that was the point.  The fashions were edited and carefully selected, which was fine for some, but I heard the grumblings amongst the true fashionistas and thrifters.  Overheard: "Where are all the vintage pieces?"  They were nowhere in sight, in fact they were nonexistent.  A big change from the Goodwills I frequent in the area.

To honor Goodwill's fundraising, I decided to pay homage to thrifting in general and wear an outfit that is wholly thrifted.  Admittedly, I left the pop-up event soon after coming into the place, because I was not in the mood for thrifting today.  I snapped some pics and as you can see, the design of the space was well executed and looked inviting.  This was cool, but give me my mangy, smoke diluted with disinfectant smelling Goodwill... Ahhh. The thought of the stench of used clothing makes me so happy...LOL

This starts in adolescence! My son pouting because he didn't want to come with me.  He will one day become a man that doesn't want to go to the mall with his wife.

Support your local Goodwill today!
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