DC Africa Festival...

The 3rd Annual DC Africa Festival was held today.  This event is getting bigger and better every year, and I have loved watching it grow into what it has become; an event for Africans of all nationalities and for African-Americans to come together through what really bonds us, the motherland.  Food, jewelry, wax fabric, and everything Africa, made this perhaps one of the best festivals I have attended this year.

Surprise, it had this little detail on the back

Because she forced me to take her pic in this dress so that she could determine if she liked it...

She loved this. She bought both...

Top, turban, and makeup were killer!

I love a man in sandals

I purchased every bowl he had.

African print sleeves

This couple both matched their Kente. He had a strip down the front and back of his jacket, she had a hair bow. Cute.

Tameelah getting waistbeads... Finally.

My son, Nile, who wants me to tell everyone that he took these pictures. Who cares?

Just 6 Black boys right?

Then they did this!

And this!

Who doesn't need a semi-train on their dress at all times? The drama of it all...

Isn't his smile nice?

Isn't his Africa pin, nicer?

If you ain't sweating, you ain't doing it right....


The grass in always greener; she wants my hair/head, I want hers.... 
My niecey poo...Or "My Shadow" as I have started to refer to her.  Quite annoyingly, I might add.

Skirt (actually a dress): Asos Curve, Top: Asos Curve, Moto Vest: Forever 21
SideNote: I usually don't buy things from Forever 21 because, well, I don't want to be 21 forever.  But this moto vest is cute. Not the best quality, but for something so trendy, but super versatile and seasonless, I tried my hand.  I better like it because they have no return policy.  The pitfalls of fast fashion stores.

Tameelah's new handbag.  From Dooney and Bourke.  Who knew that they made this superb bag with the softest leather that creates the best doctor bag I have seen in a while.  AND, the lining is red and green. Heaven! 



 Black and white. The quintessential color combination.  Timeless. If you follow me on Instagram (@girlsofplenty), you have seen this black jumpsuit many times.  Usually thrown over a bodysuit or a leotard, this was a summer go-to for me.  I purchased this from Ashley Stewart for $10! The absolutely best $10 I have spent this summer.  It is light, comfortable, and black. As I attempt to shop my own closet for a while, I decided that this jumpsuit had a little more life in it, and could actually be dressed up.  This white, shawl collar blazer from Eloquii ups the jumpsuit's style quotient a bit and grows it up just a little.

Blazer: Eloquii, Jumpsuit: Ashley Stewart

Adinkra buttons: Ebay

Ring: H&M


Emerald City...

Give me green!  I am so in love with this color! This was my signature color several years ago.  Okay, let me clarify; every year I adopt a "signature color" and will go out of my way to ensure I wear almost exclusively, that color.  Annoying to my friends and family, so much fun to me. Back to this green.  I absolutely love this green, and because the opportunity to wear Red, Black, and Green together or in some combination is always my first choice, this green dress satisfies those critieria.  Against the backdrop of a perfectly urban brick wall, on perhaps the prettiest day of the entire season, this green was that pop of summer I have been slowly tucking away, but holding on to at the same time.  



Twirl! I love the voluminousness of this dress. Big with a  drop waist, it is the quintessential school marm look.  And you know how I love a good school marm moment.  Don't worry, my shape is still intact, for all those people who think a compliment is, "That dress is cute, but I like you in more fitted clothing." As if I care.  

Still my favorite earrings. Forever.



The unofficial end of summer, means my official return to work.  I am a teacher, and the end of August/beginning of September is always difficult for me.  I love my job, and love that I actually get paid for fulfilling my life's passion and purpose, but returning to work after having two carefree months of doing nothing but enjoying the sun can prove daunting.  But, such is life, right?  So here I am, on lunch break soaking up some of the beautiful rays that this summer still has to offer.  

This most perfect, seasonless dress/tunic is from H&M and is a part of their "new" (kind of) H&M+ line.  Of course, H&M carried a line for plus size lovelies years ago when they had the H&M BiB (Big is Beautiful) line, but about a year after they began carrying it, I swear, it quietly disappeared.  I guess other plus size women were so disgruntled about the way H&M got rid of the line before, that there was not a lot of to-do made about it's return.  As such, I wasn't so excited either. Until I actually went into a store and saw the actual merchandise.  Although I am about 7-8 months late, I was actually floored.  This time, H&M actually made an effort to just extend the sizes of the regular collection.  I went crazy (just ask The Spouse, who was all too happy (not) to spend a small fortune in the store that day).  The clothing was so trendy, but there were the H&M basics we all rely on like tanks, henleys, t-shirts, leggings.  And work basics like blazers, cardigans, skirts, slacks.  And going out essentials like dresses, pencil skirts, sheer shirts, beading, etc.  I am pleasantly surprised and kind of mad at myself for not going to check the line out earlier.  If you haven't already, please be sure you go to H&M's website to find the stores that carry the H&M+ line, and shop, already!  You will see me wearing many of my purchases on the blog in days to come.  

Dress/Tunic: H&M+; Red Pants: Talbots

Can we talk about these pants for a minute.  The brightest, most vibrant shade of red in a comfy, cotton/spandex blend.  Talbots is my go to for basics, like slacks and skirts. They offer all their clothing in sizes 0-24, and their Long pants go to a size 20.  At almost 5'9", finding pants that are long enough to wear with heels is a task.  This is not your mother's Talbots...

Earrings: Glamourholics

Shoes: BCBG (super old)

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