Bleeding red...

A red dress is everything I am not, decidedly: a siren, sexy, vampish, sultry, and another other word synonymous with sex.  Truthfully, this dress was purchased for The Spouse.  Sometimes, I purchase items that I think The Spouse will appreciate seeing me in, and this dress won out.  And because it was sooooooo inexpensive (under $25), the fact that I have NO intentions on wearing this often (or ever again for that matter) I will rock it for now.  Paired with my ever present black tights, and over the knee boots, that I still love, I tried to toughen this look up. But there is something about a red chiffon dress with ruffles at the shoulders  that does not scream edgy.  Topping off this outfit are a pair of my prize possession earrings from Na-Zeem  and my red lips courtesy of Nars Dragon Girl.  The blond hair strikes yet again.

Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Hue, Boots: Ros Hammerson

All in all, I learned that my skin will not burn if I do not wear Black, or white, or some combination of those colors.  I will attempt to wear more color.


  1. Wow....Color and a ruffle......I must be rubbing off on ya!! Love it!

  2. Nell you look hawt babes!!!!! You dont have no worries u look like a cute Red Robin!!!!


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