Like most people, I am obsessed with Instagram.  And after looking at some of my postings, it occurred to me that my Instagram life is so much more full than my blog life. LOL.  I am the absolute worst blogger in that I hate purses and bags and will most often opt out of taking my camera with me most places.  I am definitely a person that likes to mingle and I hate to disrupt a good conversation with pics, and I hate using my cell phone in any capacity when I have the attention of someone.  Real live people trump pictures always.  But if you want to see the life that I lead a little more closely (honestly, not much) follow me over at Instagram: @girlsofplenty.  See you there...

My Instagram life...

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  1. is that a wig? how did you do that cute it!

  2. Sharon, Imma let you in on a secret. I took a pack of Marley synthetic hair (beauty supply), and literally grabbed a bunch and piled it on my head. I used a elastic hairband to hold it in place, tied the scarf over the elastic and voila! Hair...

  3. We also felt that the snapshots people were taking were kind of like telegrams in that they got sent over the wire to others - so we figured why not combine the two? get instagram likes


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