FFF Week...Casting Tour in the DMV

This weekend, I decided to head over to the Lane Bryant Pentagon City Mall in Northern Virginia (a hop, skip, and a jump from DC).  This was the last stop in the Full-Figure Fashion Week 2013 Casting Tour, and the models were sure to come out.  For certain, I can vouch for the fierceness of the full-figured community in DC, but I wanted to see women confident enough to strut the runway.  And let me tell you... they brought it!  I would watch the women sashaying in the mall and I knew instinctively that they were on their way to the casting.  On this day, the mall belonged to all the curvy women.  It was as if no one, or nothing else existed.  I was so moved by the energy, and sheer joy of this event, I wanted to scream.  This is the part of being full-figured that brings me happiness; and the reason I do this blog.  I want to showcase women that have plenty to offer being true to themselves.  Even if that "themselves" is too much for others.

Below,  some of the people who auditioned to walk the runway at 2013's Full-Figured Fashion Week in NY.  Enjoy...
The judges panel

I ALWAYS find a twin when I go out!  Look at me trying to "outmodel" her.  She won...

Friends and family anxiously waiting

And what?

Ms. Sharon Quinn, the "Original Diva"


  1. Love it. I see the plus sized sistas rocking those silhouettes!

    1. They look good, right?! And thanks for the compliment, but I just went to lend my support to all the other full-figured women. Modeling has never been an aspiration of mine.

  2. Love it! I sooo wish I could've been there, but my "day job" had me otherwise occupied. If I weren't a complete and total chicken, I might've given it a whirl myself! These ladies - yourself included - inspire me!


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