Collaborations with major retailers are nothing new anymore.  Kohl's has had several collaborations with designers, Sears, and perhaps most notably, Target and H&M have partnered with some of the most desired designers to bring affordable designs to the masses.  I have never been excited about any of the collaborations (perhaps because they never offer plus sizes?), and frankly, I have never been a huge fan of the designers' original wares.  But then there was Duro Olowu.  I have followed his designs  for forever.  If you follow this blog, you know that I am constantly trying to incorporate an African aesthetic into my wardrobe.  There is something about the vibrant prints from the motherland that entice me like nothing else.  When I heard that Duro Olowu was partnering with JCP to design a line, I knew I had to have a few items.  I actually found a JCP and went to the actual store (haven't been in a JCP in probably a decade) and I found the exact shirt I had been salivating over online!  It was even better in person than it was online.  Here are some pics of items that I actually want and may return to get:

The X-Large fit fine.  Don't let size discourage you as a curvy woman.    I can look at things and know immediately what size will and wont fit me.  I knew that this dress would fit fine because it had a elastic waist, flutter sleeves and a flowing fabric.  

The top I came for! I fell in love... I was so pressed I wore this top the very next day.  I hadn't even had it a full 12 hours. SMDH...

Now this is print mixing done right

Only $30?!

While at JCP, I decided to see what else they had.  They have a really great plus size section.  JCP is definitely on trend with fashions that are being offered for all sizes.  And their price points are very affordable.  I left with the following goodies:

A basic shirt in the BRIGHTEST shocking pink color I have ever seen in clothing.  I cant wait to get even more toasty this Spring/Summer and pair this with my sun-kissed ebony skin

This blazer was the most perfect orangey-red with a white design going through it.  Lined and everything...

This top is made of an almost sweatshirt material.  It will be dressed up and down, with jeans and dresses, slacks, and skirts. The color is killer...It screams Spring

Only $17 dollars...

Who doesn't need a Pink blazer?  Did I just say that? With a straight face, too?

Ladies, as more and more stores are choosing to remove their plus size offerings from their brick and mortar stores (Saks Fifth Avenue, Eloquii, Old Navy), we have to support the stores that continue to provide options for us.  Add JCP to your list...

P.S. Guess what else I found at JCP...

Georgina Chapman of Marchesa is designing a line at JCP? JCP is doing too much now...


  1. I agree that JCP's new change is great for plus size women. Hit up the clearance rack and great finds for $10. I'm going to check out Duro Olowu's line because all that print is my style.

    1. I demolished the clearance rack!!!! I couldn't believe that noone was shopping the plus size but me. As a curvy community, we HAVE to start shopping some of the brick and mortar stores in order to support them and let them know we do exist! And $10 clearance clothing is the perfect incentive! LOL

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I love that Duro Olowu mixed pattern top and the trench and the tote suffices to say that there were several pieces that I really like. Matter of fact, I have to check to see if they sell that wallpaper.

    1. Right?! The wallpaper is off the chain... If you get some, I need some, too. LOL

  3. Yep. It's all of YOU bloggers that are now convincing me to step into my local JCP and shop. Haven't been in that store to shop in well over a decade. It's time for change.

    And nice to know that the Duro Oluwo x JCP line runs big. Because I am gunning for the green maxi dress. For real.

  4. I'm a fan of Duro too! I love that coat but I'm pretty sure that, at a size 20-22, it won't fit even if I hold my breath, LOL! I might still have to stop by JCP though - I'd wondered where Liz Claiborne Woman went! They always had good basics and lovely colors - the print blazer is gorgeous. Wonder what time they close on Sundays............

  5. Thanks for the heads up about the sizes! When I saw the preview online I was like, "How are they going to have an African designer and not sell sizes for her sisters!?" *lol* Will definitely check out this collection!

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