Spring Trends Part III...Leather (Faux Leather)

This was probably the most difficult Spring 2013 trend for me to interpret.  I have several different faux leather jackets, but I wanted to do a little something different.  Although most of the Spring trend forecasters are pushing pastel colored leather pieces, my desire to look like an easter egg is nonexistent! If it ain't black leather, why do it? LOL

When I began this Spring trend challenge, a challenge to myself was to only use items that I already own.  That makes this challenge a bit more difficult, but a bit more authentic as noone I know has the funds to recreate their wardrobe every single season.  Here, my interpretation...

Faux leather skirt:Thrifted, Shirt: JCPenney, Tights: Hue, 

Boots: Nine West

Note: I put this on with the intent of wearing this on date night.  But after seeing the pictures I changed. I felt like I was trying too hard and I was not comfortable.  My number one rule is to wear things that I feel good in and this was not it.  As an woman nearing 40, I do not want to look like someone in their 20s.  So, although these items of clothing are in my closet, I do not want to wear them together the way they are grouped together here.  Be true to self....


  1. I actually liked this, especially the skirt/tights/booties HAT part (LOVED the hat!) but I get what you're saying. I am always having the "age appropriate?" conversation with myself. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, LOL! I think I'll be buying a hat today.....

  2. Oh, almost forgot - where did you get that lovely bracelet/wrist wrap?!? I WANT ONE!

    1. This was purchased at the thrift store. It looks African to me, so I took it to a god friend of mine and asked what it represented, if anything. She told me that it is the dolls are "worry dolls" They supposedly take all your worries away from you. They are plentiful in certain countries in Africa I am told.

  3. love the earrings...where did they come from?


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