Turn down for what?!...

As you all probably know, I am a teacher.  I teach Middle School English to be specific.  Every year, my Advisory class is a group of about 12-15 girls.  And every year, I try to instill in my girls a sense of confidence, a sense of pride in self, and self-love.  This school year has proven no different.  I work in a very diverse school, but across race and ethnicities, I notice that almost all my girls suffer from peer pressure to be something other than who and what they are.  A lot of this is puberty, I know, but I remind them at all times that being you is okay.  But I rarely tell them these things.  I show them.  This is a photo shoot we conducted Friday in which I attempted to show them how to be fabulous at all times.  We were on the playground, and the boys (ugh) were watching us, so of course they were embarrassed .  But then I showed them that playing small doesn't serve us.  They were embarrassed for me (as they always are regarding what I wear, say, how I act, etc.), but I asked them, "turn down for what?!"

Of course, school rules prohibit me from posting pictures of my students on my blog, but rest assured, they were serving the entire time.


  1. Werk it - love the red and the headwrap?!? I keep trying to get that to work for me and I can't but Ima keep trying after seeing this! Good inspiration for the girls - that is such a difficult time....

    1. I try to be! I think headwraps work for me because I have no hair!

  2. *teardrop*

    Educator here as well! Girls need to see confident women like you everyday to know it's possible! YAY!

  3. That is awesome! So effin' awesome! I'm sure those girls appreciate every word and pose you gave them that day. I know if I was a student I would.

    Meanwhile, diggin' your glasses. Where from?

  4. I LOVE IT!!! My daughter just hip me to that saying for my birthday last week. So I have been saying it for the last week turn down for what LOL!! She calls me lame (LOL) I think it is awesome to inspire young girls that is is okay to be who you are. I am trying to instill that into both of daughter each day and everyday. What a blessing you are...


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