I can admit, I love dresses.  I can also admit, that I hate wearing them alone.  By alone, I mean I love to wear something under it, be it pants or a shirt.  Hence, the outfit I wore to work today.  Nothing big, but I loved the color combination.  It seems to somehow mirror the sunset and the many gradations of it's going, but it works.  Now, let's talk about the blouse below.  While others may opt to wear a blazer, or even a cardigan over their dresses, intuitively I almost always stray in the other direction and place something beneath my dresses.  Sometimes I think that it makes me look juvenile, and in some ways, it it is very reminiscent of my gradeschool days.  In a private Seventh-Day Adventist school, we were forced to wear a jumper with a Peter-Pan collar underneath; or if you wanted to really have a good time on the playground, you knew to wear shorts or pants under your skirt if you wanted to maintain any semblance of dignity on the monkey bars.  Nevertheless, I still gravitate towards the look.

Dress: Calvin Klein (by way of Nordstrom Rack), Blouse: ASOS (old), Boots: Thrifted

Can we talk about my shoes?  I love them, but I want to wear heels to work!  I look at women waltzing down the street in  their suits and pumps and I am so envious.  But as a teacher, we are not ALLOWED to sit down while we have children in the classroom. Heels, kids, and 7-10 hour workdays do not go together. Sigh...

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