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If you live in (or have visited) DC, you know that the Georgetown neighborhood is really chi-chi, almost to a fault.  Of course, the famed Georgetown University is located in this neighborhood, and all the things you have probably heard about the school and the students there are probably true.  Georgetown offers some great shopping and an eclectic mix of typical suburban stores, unique boutiques, and ​consignment stores galore.  I work in Georgetown, so I am kinda immersed in the culture of the community. I have never been a huge Georgetown shopping fan (plus sizes are limited in these parts), but in the last few months, Buffalo Exchange popped up.  What kind of hidden shopping gem is this?!  As an avid thrifter, Buffalo Exchange offers me handpicked goodies, at thrift store prices.   
​I first discovered Buffalo Exchange on a visit to Philadelphia.  I looked them up and discovered that DC had not one, but two Buffalo Exchange stores!  At first, I wanted to keep this honeyhole (what my aunt Doris called any inexpensive "secret" shopping spot) to myself.  I usually go once or twice a week to see what they have, and I have NEVER left without purchasing something.  People would compliment me and ask where I had gotten an item of clothing, but I guarded the secret that is Buffalo Exchange.  Now I love Buffalo Exchange because size is not an issue to them, They stock ALL sizes.  I even got the Jean Jacket I have on from Buffalo Exchange months ago.  But I have decided to share this little gem in the hopes that even more plus size women will go and trade clothes, and shop.  The more plus size women go, the more plus size clothing they will have. 
​Here's how they work:
Sell: Go into the store and they will inspect your gently used clothes, shoes, or accessories and decide if it passes the Buffalo Exchange test.  If it is trendy, or vintage, they will probably take it.  If you trade it for store credit, they give you 50% of what they intend to sell it for.  If you decide to take the cash for the clothes you sell, they give you 30% of what they intend to sell the items for.  I have sold hundreds of dollars of clothing to them.
Buy:Go in and buy something cute to wear.
​So plus size women, please find a Buffalo Exchange in your community, and start selling your clothes to them.  You know I love a wardrobe revamp, but I hate to pay full price.  Happy Buffalo Exchanging...

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