Message Tee (yikes!)...

Skirt: Eshakti (bridesmaid crinoline), T-Shirt: Rainbow Alternative

P.S. Black women DO need sunscreen! I burned terribly and was peeling for days. Terrible for the skin, but oh so good for the complexion.  I love how sun-kissed and black my skin looks...

Wedges: Cynthia Vincent (three years ago)

I NEVER wear message tees.  But upon coming across this t-shirt on Etsy from seller, Rainbow Alternative.   I knew that I had to have it.  Granted, it has sat in my closet for about a year, but I pulled it out this weekend to attend my best friend's wedding reception.  I love my best friend, and I love "The 7", (what me and my best friends are called by everyone, see pics of us here), and although we live in DC where gay marriage is legal, I am still aware that soooo many gay couples are unable to marry.  "The 7" is a hodge-podge of gay, straight, bi- & tri-sexual women who love men, women, both, or a combination of both at any given time.  We could care less about the gender of each other's partner's, and being at Don's wedding made this even more clearer to me.  She has the right to marry who she wants, when she wants.  And other's should be able to, also.  I promise I do not discuss religion or politics and usually shut down gay marriage conversations with "I don't discuss these hot topics" because my life is not meant to be spent convincing anyone to believe what I believe.  My life is to be spent living as I want. No regrets, only remorse...

One of my favorite pics from my own wedding. Betcha you cant tell who is lesbian and who is not.  It truly doesn't matter, anyway...


  1. Loved seeing your crew! I love my sistas and the color and light they bring to my life and I am always joyful when I see that in others - thank you for sharing this. And I really dig the outfit! I've never worn shirts with words or logos at all...and then just recently, was inspired to buy a Jimi Hendrix T shirt. I have not worn it yet though - but now I'm gonna rock it proudly. Thanks for the inspiration..


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