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My mom introduced me to More magazine last year.  And I use the term "introduce" very loosely. A few times after going to her house, I would swipe a copy or two and I fell in love with the concept.  I am a magazine fanatic and indulge in so many titles monthly, but honestly, they all kinda have the same concept.  Not More magazine.  It is created for women of a certain age, and even when I read it, I feel more mature.  I consider myself a "grown ass woman" and as I have stated repeatedly, I want to act my silly immature self, but I want to look mature while doing it.  So while I respect Lucky Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Glamour, More has captured my heart. Just look at the clothing layouts.  This is what I want to see when I go in search of summer style inspiration, Fashion for Grownups:

But... as I was reading the July 2013 issue of More magazine, funny lady Melissa McCarthy was on the cover.  She is absolutely hilarious and I think a role model for plus size women and girls everywhere. But why do we only see the portion of her body from her breasts up?  She is a gorgeous woman for sure, but I wanted to see her in the Rachel Pally dress she was styled in, since her fashion statements of the last couple of years have been lackluster at best.  And why does she only have on one ensemble and she is a feature?  She has the cover for goodness sake!  Now I have never heard her say that she was a supporter of the curvy girl movement, nor does she have to be blaring plus size confidence at every outlet, but c'mon!  I needed to see her in something fashionable. Something that hints at the cool girl swag she exerts in her movies/TV shows.  Something that makes be believe that Hollywood is becoming a a place where fat-acceptance could actually occur. But if this spread is any indication, perhaps I will be holding my breath for a long, long time...

The More magazine July 2013 cover: Melissa McCarthy

16 pics and only one outfit? What's the use of being in a magazine?

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  1. I enjoy MORE too and have given subscriptions to a few of my sisters. I have not yet received this issue but have already heard about it. I will be writing them about this, just as I have written to them in the past about their lack of color - which seems to be slowly getting better. I know - Rome wasn't built in a day. But I do enjoy seeing a perspective that fashion doesn't end at a certain age. As always, post on point!


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