Admittedly, I am not a person who thinks of her wardrobe in terms of a cohesive, comprehensive entity that works together.  I am drawn to things and purchase things that I like and hope that it works with something else.  Such was the case when I went to Old Navy last week scouring their clearance racks. Out of all the basic tops, maxi dresses, tees that were available, I only wanted this bright, bordering on Neon top.  I became obsessed with it and could not leave it behind.  Thankfully, I remembered this skirt from last year (again another purchase with no rhyme or reason...sigh) and thought that I could perhaps break the clothing curse that causes me to wear clothing items once and relegate them to the annals of my closet.  Mission accomplished...
​Top: Old Navy, Skirt: ASOS (last year), Shoes: Guess

House of Mimi neckplate  

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