Wedding Tour 2013...

My best friend, Donnetta, was married June 15, 2013.  In a ceremony that was less emotional, and more celebratory, she wed her long-time beau.  I remember the days when me and Don were so pressed to be near one another, I rented an apartment a few buildings down the street from her.  She actually met her husband leaving my apartment.  He was across the hall visiting his grandmother. So I take credit for them actually being together, just by virtue of my address, lol.  But this wedding has a been a tour of sorts. For the last two weeks, we have been celebrating Don's nuptials with Bridal Shower, destination wedding in Jamaica, and a reception at home for those unable to participate in the ceremony in the Caribbean.  This has been a whirlwind, and I am exhausted from the love, fun, and twerking that has defined every event she has had.  I am still sleeping off the fun that was had the last two weeks.

Because you all know me by now (hopefully), you know that the pictures I took were scarce in number as it is almost impossible to shake your booty to the ground and take legitimate photos.  But between those moments of ratchetness, booty-shaking, and hip-grinding, I managed to take a few.  Here a collage of pics to define the moments...

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