Bluegrass... and why Ebay is still the best shopping destination

Sweater: Gap, Jumpsuit: Ashley Stewart (by way of Ebay)

Dookie Bracelets: Nakimuli

Bracelet: Thrifted 

Wedges: Enzo Angiolini

My obsession with a one-piece anything has been well documented on the blog.  I love the ease of a jumpsuit, and how it has revamped its image over the last few years.  This jumpsuit from Ashley Stewart is light, cool, and airy.  And the cobalt color makes it a standout against almost any other color in my wardrobe.  Because it was cool today, I actually layered it underneath this apple-green sweater that I have had for too many years to count. Because I am too pressed for summer, these bright blue wedges from Enzo Angiolini help to bring my spring outfit into summer just a bit...

PS: If you follow my Instagram (@girlsofplenty), and if you have been following the blog, you have seen this jumpsuit before here.  Sure the one in the previous posts is black, but this just sheds some light on one of my addictions.  Ebay.  I found this jumpsuit on Ebay.  The black jumpsuit I purchased from Ashley Stewart last year for less than $10 and it became my summer staple.  So pressed was I for this jumpsuit in other colors, that I ran to Ebay.  I entered "Ashley Stewart Jumpsuit" into the search bar, and several of these jumpsuits in various colors popped up!  I quickly pounced on this one.  This is usually how I utilize Ebay. To find something that is sold out, find multiples in something, alternate colors, etc.  I even use Ebay to purchase all my Spanx hosiery (Spanx actually has an outlet on Ebay), and have even bought two strapless Cacique bras for less than the price of one at Lane Bryant.  So if you are ever looking for something that is sold out, can't find in your size, or just want to spend some time searching for clothes, Ebay was, and still remains, a great shopping destination. Let me know what finds you find...


  1. I love eBay too! It's amazing what you can find. I wanted some white jeans but didn't want to spend alot - enter eBay with the perfect pair for $20.....Although I really am trying to shop less....
    this combination on you is lovely - I love the way you use color - so cool! I've never tried this combo before but it's on the list for this week. And I am seriously lusting after your bracelet collection!

    1. Right, Juliette?! When I tell people I got something from Ebay, they usually say, "Ebay" with this incredulous look. More goodies for me, though. I am trying to shop less, too, but with the super cheap prices on Ebay, for some reason I always give in and buy something. I wanna see how you put your colors together. Email them to me...

  2. you are awesome...i love your style and cant wait to see more from you!!

    1. Awww....thank you so much! Please remember to follow the blog for updates!


  3. I am loving the glasses, please tell me where you got them from! FAB!!


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