Curves Rock Weekend 2013

Last year was the first Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore, MD, and because my grandma taught me, "If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all", I said very little about the event.  But I am a realist. Doing anything on this scale is difficult, but getting plus size women to partake in things (because it is a specific demographic) is even more difficult.  So I have faith in Tykesha Reed and Chanell Jones, plus size models and organizers of this fashion weekend, to actually pull off a great event, and I am rooting for them!  This year, it seems like they have added even more "starpower" to their events:

Tionna Smalls (of VHI's "What Chili Wants")
Liris Crosse (Plus-Size Supermodel and Baltimore Native)
Shanda Freeman
and a host of other plus-size "celebrities"

Now I for one know that celebrities do not speak to the quality of an event, but I can acknowledge that they garner more attention from participants, sponsors, and media.  I will be participating in the events this weekend as I will be covering the events for the blog, but I encourage those that can, to come out and show your support.  Remember, if the "straight-size" fashion community wont create a space for us, we need to create our own space.  See you there...

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