Fabb Girls Club x ALDO Accesories

This past Sunday, I attended an event hosted by the FABB (Fashion and Beauty Bloggers) Girls Club at the local ALDO accessories store.  Truthfully, I was not that amped to go, because I can admit that I am not a big ALDO fan, accessories or shoes.  One, I hate Aldo shoes just because I think they are overpriced to not have any leather shoes; Two, I like to purchase my jewelry from independent designers, vendors at flea markets, and from thrifting because I like to be original.  Hence the reason I was not that excited.  But I want to support local bloggers in DC so I went prepared to only show my support and leave.  But I ended up staying over an hour and a half.  Who knew that ALDO accessories had so many cute items to purchase?!  I was completely overwhelmed by the choices (I like shopping experiences like that), and I was pleasantly surprised at the offerings.  I was able to talk to other stylish women, see some of the trends in accessories (you know I am always a few years behind), and get some great makeup tips from the Mary Kay representative that was there.  Here, a few pics from the event, and a good lesson in stepping outside your own imposed box...

Melani Myers, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

Asking blogger, Vivi of Heart, Print, and Style her opinion on this cute green handbag

Bloggers of the sites, What I Wore: Tip to Toe and Haute Off the Press

This shopper was just too cute not to capture!

Participants in the accessories challenge

Participant in the accessories challenge

The gracious, most accommodating staff ever, the ladies from Aldo Accessories

The cutest headwrap, right?!

I purchased these in the hopes that I will like earrings again...

And these...

Looking at this cutie's fresh Mary Kay makeup application wondering how I can duplicate it!

Not big enough, or bug eyed enough

I know you can only see the top part of my outfit, but this is what I wore, Asos Curve Onesie with Mesh Details.  You know I love a good one-piece jumpsuit


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