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I was at my mom's house last week, and once again she told me, "It's time for you to invest in a 'real' bag.  You are getting too old to not have a purse."  Well this is a refrain I can count on from her.  She thinks that a woman my age should have a "status bag".  A status bag is exactly that.  A bag that screams, "I've made it!"  Although she has never specified what type of bag, in my mind, she's referring to a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag, a classic Gucci (Double G logos), and perhaps even a classic Chanel, chain-link strap included.  But I am not a purse girl, and I never have been.  The only "status bag" I can remember is having a Coach bag in Middle School 25 years ago.  And my mom bought that, too.  In my quest to purchase something other than a cross-body bag that holds nothing more than a change purse, a lipstick, and my phone, I found the PERFECT BAG. Voila...

Remember the Classic Boat & Tote bag from LLBean, well this is the
 LL Bean Hunter's Tote Bag

This is the ultimate bag. It is made of a very durable canvas, and even has a zipper.  This is the Large sized bag (Dimensions  15"H x 17"W x 7½"D.) but the bag also comes in Medium, and X-Large.  This bag has become my everyday work, Mommy, Craft, Teacher, and Fashion bag.  It holds everything, and then some.  I coudn't go without a basic Black tote with Silver monogram, and because Camouflage is a neutral (it is to me) and so on trend this year, I had to.  This can be dressed up or down, and I wear it with EVERYTHING.  And at a cool $29.99 (plus $8 for monogram and free shipping) this is a bargain.

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