I love Ugly!!!

I was perusing Mimi Goodwin's Instagram as she turned her newly vacated bedroom into her personal wardrobe/closet.  What I was drawn to the most was the beautiful way she chose to organize her shoes.  Now, with the advent of social media, you can look at any fashionista's closet and you will see an organized shelf/bookshelves of pumps in an array of colors, textures, and styles, but inevitably, they are going to be pumps (with several pair of knee boots to shake things up).  Now, as I attempt to turn my newly renovated bedroom into my personal dressing area, I begin to think about how to display my shoes.  After surveying my "collection" of shoes, I realize, I don's have a collection of shoes that warrant display.  I realized. I love ugly shoes.  Here, some of this season's "uglies" that I am stalking...

Now would you like to walk into a room and see these displayed every single day?  I didn't think so...


  1. LOL! I actually don't think that some of these shoes are ugly. I am at the point of comfort over the look. And all of these shoes look Comforable!!

  2. Just bought a new pair, the left boot was a little bit more snug when I first put them on, but after wearing them for about an hour it adjusted.


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